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Hello Gorgeous!

I'm super excited you are interested in hosting in my Battle of the Hostess party!! Online Pop-up’s are a fantastic opportunity to chat with your besties no matter their location, get some girl on girl time at their convenience, laugh heartily virtually and add some amazing clothes to their wardrobe. Be sure to have fun with your hostess duties! Your excitement will rub off on your friends and they won’t be able to wait to Shop your Pop-up and Support your Team!! I cannot wait to meet all your friends and share the most comfortable clothes they will ever own!

Please review the information below and if you have ANY further questions know that I am here to help YOU, Are you all ready to party and get FREE Clothes? Let's do this!!! Let's get your #Team excited!!



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I fell in love with an Amelia dress I purchased post-pardum, it took away my insecurities and I instantly felt beautiful, it was then I decided I needed to join LuLaRoe and share these modest, comfortable and flattering clothes with many women- and so I did in January 2016. I'm married and live in West Covina, California with my husband and 3 wild boys! Being a stay at home mom and having this job allows me to be involved with their lives, being part of my baby's milestones, my toddlers activities and my oldest sports! It is truly changing my life!

On behalf of my family I want to THANK YOU deeply for giving me a chance to come into your life and share these wonderful clothes with all your friends. With doing so, you are supporting my small business which allows me to stay at home with my kids and fulfill my family's dreams! I truly value you and what you are doing for our family. Thank You again!

The McDonnell Family

Miriam, Rob, Angelo, Max & Matthew

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One of the most WONDERFUL things is that LuLaRoe clothing styles are sold in sizes XX-Small – 3X-Large for women and 2T – 14 for kids! There is something for everyone! As you may know, I order inventory through LuLaRoe by selecting the Style Name and Size but the fun surprise are the prints!! I never know what prints to expect therefore opening those shipment boxes are always a FUN Surprise!! Highly sought-after pieces are referred to be customers and consultants as “unicorns” – a term used as a nod to the rarity of the item!
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In a Nutshell....

Its a 3 day, BIG, Interactive, Energetic Online Party with You and 5 other hostesses. Tons of Exclusive Inventory is purchased! You each invite your friends to Lularoe Miriam's McDonnell VIP Group. Each hostess is assigned a Team name such as #TeamMiriam, Friends love cheering on and supporting their BFF's getting free clothes and possibly DOUBLE the rewards! I welcome and walk your friends through the process of Sizing, Shopping and then they mingle & shop! All Hostesses receive their regular hostess rewards but the fun twist is when the hostess with the most sales earns DOUBLE their rewards. (read info below on rewards)

Active participation and interaction helps welcome your friends and leads to more Free clothes for you! Parties are Super Fun and only held once a month, spots fill up very quickly!

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  • All my Hostesses receive FREE SHIPPING and Join my VIP Hostess Club

  • Your selections can be ANYTHING from my current inventory that date of event. You are able to claim your selections at the same time as your friends. Please write "Hostess Rewards" In the comments when claiming on Shop the Roe. I will tally that up after battle ends and assign the most expensive as your rewards!!

  • These are the set hostess rewards on top of any current personal promotion. * Any Current Promotion can be redeemed once hostess reaches a minimum of 10 items sold *

  • Please note that many current customers will also be shopping so Before closing of Battle I will message each hostess a list to verify their OWN friend purchases to best assign hostess rewards!
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Hostess with the Mostess

Active participation and interaction helps welcome your friends and leads to more FREE clothes for you and better changes of Winning DOUBLE rewards! I will provide an invitation to promote your event and guide you day by day to make this an Easy Experience for you! I do some of the work but its up to you to PROMOTE and get your friends excited, that's what a Hostess with the Mostess does!! So tell Everyone about it, in person, through text, email, don't rely on Facebook mass messaging only! (secret is, everyone loves a personal invitation to feel special!)

  • Read the image below on "How to be an Awesome Hostess"

  • Friend Request me so we can better communicate

  • Send me a clear/closeup picture to use for Battle of the Hostess cover!

  • Party to be held inside MY VIP SHOP please invite friends no sooner than 2 days before party starts! Link of Group to share:

  • I will create an "Event" and make you Co-Host, then you can invite your friends so they receive notifications when party starts!!

  • A chat will be created with all hostesses to walk you through during party!
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Blessing to my Family

Lularoe has completely changed my life and been a blessing to my family. I am currently a Trainer within Lularoe with a fantastic team composed of 30+ Men and Women. Our Team Pineapple Chicas has its own organized FB Group where I lead, empower and train! There is a strong support system beyond me with our upline leaders, our big team is the strongest within the company with 4 "Mentors" leading the path to success. One of My "Why's" and main purpose in my LuLaRoe journey is to pass on everything that I've learned to help you grow YOUR business and reach YOUR goals. I would LOVE for you to join my team and let me be the one to welcome you to this Amazing company!

If you are intrigued, I can email you a packet with information about joining. If you have further questions or would like to chat more, please reach me via PM, we can set up a Facetime, Call, in person meeting or any way that works best for you! Xo Miriam


This is the link to sign up when you are Ready to Join! (*note- Public ID is Your first and last name no spaces all lowercase)

How to Reach Me

My VIP Online Shop

This is the group where the party will be taking place!! Please invite friends no sooner than 3 days before party starts!


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Thank You so much for participating in my Battle of the Hostess, please fill out my Giveaway Form after party has ended. This form collects all private information to ship your free LulaGoodies and keeps accountability for my record keeping. I will also use this form to send out invitations for my End of Year Hostess Party!!!