Changing Your Career Path

By: Lauren Miles

The beginning

If you are not enjoying your job or thinking you need a change, it might be time to change jobs. These are some very important steps to the correct way to go into a different direction..

1. Searching for other jobs to see if you really want to change

Before you tell your boss you are quitting you need to do some job searching. It is best to do this before so that when you quit you really know if you want to actually quit, or so you can have a job to go to.
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2. Informing your boss

First, you need to inform your boss that you are thinking about leaving. You need to give them at least a two week notice. When you are informing them you need to be very polite, and positive. You need to make sure that you do it in private and that no one is around.
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3. Informing your co-workers

You always want to inform your co-workers after you have told your boss, so that gossip doesn't start and get back to your boss before you do tell them. When you are informing your co-workers that you will no longer be working with them you always want to have a positive attitude towards the whole thing. You never want to talk about and put down the company, because that could affect you later in life.
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4. Leave your job peacefully

Anytime you leave a job you never want to make a big deal out of it. You always want to leave peacefully with your boss and co-workers thinking highly of you. You never want to burn any bridges with anyone while leaving.
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5. Start interviewing for your new job

As soon as you leave or maybe a little before you leave your job you need to start interviewing for a new job. If you start this before you quit your other job you need to do it to where it doesn't interfere with your current job.
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6. Getting the job

If you end up getting the new job always be positive, kind to everyone, never be afraid to ask for help. Always be willing to do anything they ask, and be willing to do more than you are used to.
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7. Start training for the new job

When you start training for your new job, you need to train...hard. Pay close attention and don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand. Be willing to learn and be encouraging. Never be afraid to do anything that is new to you.
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8. Start working at your new job

When you finally start working at your new job, you need to be kind and positive. You always need to work hard. If you have co-workers then you need to be nice to them and maybe get to know them.
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