My relationships with others.

A good listener in my life.

A good listener in my life is my mom. She is a good listener because she is there for me when I need help with something. She also is a good listener because she will listen to what happened and then take care of it.
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Someone who makes good decisions.

A person that makes positive decisions for them self and for others is my grandma Rhonda. She can decide what would be best for everyone. She also can make a mistake but she usually can fix the mistake fast.
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A Good Communicator.

A good communicator is my dad. He can say something and you would know what to do. Some examples are when he is loud but he doesn't yell you know what he says the first time he says it. When he needs help splitting would he will ask politely. Or when he needs help with something he will ask politely.
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Someone that is a great leader.

Someone that is a great leader is my baseball coach. He is nice and he knows what to do. Some examples are when someone doesn't do there best he doesn't yell or scream at them he tells that person what they need to work on or to try harder. He also is on schedule and never late. He is a head of time. So if it rains he will send a text out if practice or a game is canceled the day before the practice or game
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Someone That Shows Great Leadership Skills

Someone that shows great leadership skills is my grandpa. His great leadership skills are. He is a good listener, he knows what to do, and he is nice to me and my cousin's or siblings. He is a nice person. He invites people over for dinner or holidays. He built play houses for my cousins.
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Good Character Traits.

Three good character traits that I admire are.

  1. A good listener. The person would know what to do in a situation.
  2. A good communicator. The person would be nice and you would have someone that you can relate to or talk to.
  3. And a good leader or person with good leader traits. The person can help you with what ever you need. And they could lead you.

Those are some characteristics that I value and why I value it in someone.

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