Travel to Jupiter!

By Harmony 6C.


Jupiter is a very surprising planet! However, there's a couple facts that really did intrigue me. Here's the top eleven facts that surprised me about Jupiter.

  • SO MANY MOONS! Jupiter has 63 known moons orbitting around Jupiter! The top four biggest moons to orbit Jupiter are; Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.
  • That's a huge planet! Jupiter's diameter is 139,822 km! That would make Jupiter the biggest planet in our Solar System! You can actually even line up 12 Earths across it!
  • That's subzero! Jupiter's temperature is -150 degrees celsius! I think it's safe to wear a jacket.
  • Well that was quick! Jupiter's length of day is 9h and 56m long! Jupiter has the shortest day out of all the planets in our Solar System!
  • Rich History! Jupiter was named after the Roman God, Jove. In mythology, Jove is the God of the sky and thunder.
  • I'll never grow old! One orbital period on Jupiter is 4,333 Earth days long! That means you'll never be old, because in order to become one year older, you'll have to wait 12 years!
  • Visit Jupiter's Great Red Spot! It's a wonderful attraction that's actually a storm. It's raged for over 350 years! It's so great three Earths could fit inside it!
  • Interior design is chic! Jupiter's inside contains rock metal and hydrogen.
  • 8 Spacecrafts have visited Jupiter! The eight spacecrafts include Pioneer 10 and 11, Voyager 1 and 2, Galileo, Cassini, Ulysses, and New Horizions.
  • Ganymede! Ganymede, a Jovian satellite (Jupiter's moon) is 5,268 km across, making it larger than Mercury!
  • Long distance charges may apply! Jupiter is approximately 466 million miles away from the sun!

I really hope you enjoyed my top eleven list that really did surprise/intrigue me!

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This is the elusive planet of Jupiter. It's made out of hydrogen, helium, metal, and rock
The elusive planet of Jupiter.


Quick Facts!

1. Diameter = 139,822 km. Circumference = 439,264 km.

2. Distance from sun = approximately 466 million miles away.

3. Length of rotation/day = 9h 56m

4. Length of year = 12 years. (I would be turning one soon!)

5. Number of moons = 63 known moons.

6. What's it made of = Hydrogen, helium, rock, and metal.

7. Who discovered it = Galileo Galilei in 1610.

8. It got its name from a Roman God, Jove. He was the God of the sky and thunder.

9. The average distance from Earth and Jupiter is 483 million miles away. If humans could run at the speed of light, we would still get there in approx 40 minutes. Considering humans don't travel at the speed of light, it would take longer. Thus, we go on a rocket ship, at the fastest speed, we'd get there in 2.2 years.

Travel to Jupiter!

Jupiter is the greatest planet of all the other planets. It's not only the biggest, but the most interesting. You can visit it's rings, or even the Great Red Spot, which is a huge storm. Or, even discover the amazing life on Jupiter! It's a great place to go if you need a vacation.

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Jupiter is a great destination your whole family will enjoy! It's also a great place to go for a informative trip! Jupiter's weather is divine, at only -150 degrees celsius, you'll only need a light jacket. The citizens there are just absolutely lovely, and they'll be there to guide you on your journey. Let's see what a human has to say about their time at Jupiter!

(Unfortunately, I could only get one review because the rest either forgot their space helmet, or somehow froze. People are weird. Anyway, as you can tell, Jupiter is a great planet.)

Jun 1, 2015

Jupiter poem.

Just to express how great Jupiter is, the citizens of Jupiter have created a poem.

Jupiter is Super! - Jupiter's citizens.

Up and away in space,

there's a planet that posses such grace,

466 million miles away from the sun,

this planet is named Jupiter,

and it's really fun.

Jupiter, it's super,

thus, there's peace,

hence, there's no dishonor we shall cease.

Within this planet lies little bits of history,

yet, there's still elements that remains a mystery,

Jupiter, it's super.

Some creatures are deleterious,

some are there to help us.