Nixon vs. United States

by: Namita Patel

seven questions

  • what topic did you chose?
I choose a landmark supreme court case- Nixon vs. The United States.

  • why?
I choose this topic for my project because, I have always wanted to get to know more about why Nixon was thrown out of office.

  • what government process does it relate to?
  • how is that process accomplished?

  • what was the result of your topic? or why was it needed?
The result was that President Nixon was abusing his powers as president, it was needed because, if any other president abuses their power it can be based off of this court case as to whether the new president should stay in office or be thrown out.

  • how did you relate it to modern times?
This relates to modern times because, it shows that at any point the united states can throw a president out of office

  • why is it important to U.S. History?
it is important to U.S. History because, it was the first time a United States president was thrown out of office.

extra info on the topic

A congressional hearing about President Nixon’s Watergate break-in scandal revealed that he had installed a tape-recording device in the Oval Office. The special prosecutor in charge of the case wanted access to these taped discussions to help prove that President Nixon and his aides had abused their power and broken the law. President Nixon’s incomplete compliance with the special prosecutor's demands was challenged and eventually taken to the Supreme Court of the United States. The Court decided that executive privilege is not limitless, and the tapes were released.