paragraph 1

If I could design my own Mt.Rushmore I would have the faces of the of the people who are important to me carved into the granite: Alanana, Garret, Cole, and Kellsey. Mount Rushmore National memorial has the four faces of our four former presidents George Washington,Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln on it. It was designed by Gutzon Borglum. It was finished in 1941. Mt. Rushmore is located near keystone, South Dakota.

paragraph 2

The first person I would put on Mt. Rushmore is my mom Allana Eiland. One reason is that she helps me with math and reading by telling me simplest way. Another reason is that she help me when I'm mad, angry or upset by playing relaxing music and that makes things better. She takes me to get my haircut and she also let me get stuff i like including video games etc etc.

paragraph 3

Someone else that is important to me that should be on mt. Rushmore is my dad Garret Eiland. He was born in Grand Island Nebraska. He taught me what are poisons and what are non-poisons. He treats me well. My dad always makes me the foods I like. He always plays with me on the xbox and baseball.