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5th June 2019

Reminder - School closed on Thursday 6th & Friday 7th June.

Message from Brenda

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students

You will have received the notification this week from Belinda Greer, ESF CEO and Andy Lowe, our School Council Chair of the successful principal candidate, Chris Briggs. Chris is delighted to be joining Glenealy and our staff are looking forward to working alongside him too. Our current Senior Management Team will work with Chris over the next few weeks to help him with his initial induction before the summer. Congratulations to Chris and I wish him all the very best at Glenealy. Many thanks to Andy who worked alongside Belinda and Adam (Director of Education) during the entire recruitment process from reading CV’s to the final appointment. We really appreciate your leadership Andy.

At this time of the year the Senior Management Team are busily preparing for the next academic year ensuring everything is in place ready to go in August! Meanwhile the teachers are completing the finishing touches to your child’s annual report which will be available on Gateway by 3:00 pm on Friday 14th June.

Update on Staffing for 2019/20

I wanted to let you know that we will be saying farewell to two teaching staff at the end of this academic year. Abi Ede, having been on extended parental leave for much of this year, will officially resign from her position at the end of this term to spend time with her young child. It’s been great having Abi back with us this term. Margaret Scholten will be leaving us to return to the Netherlands after what she describes as a wonderful two years at Glenealy School. Robyn Bellerby will continue her sabbatical until August 2020. She continues to stay in touch regularly. I will write a special thanks to Abi and Margaret in a Newsletter closer to the end of the term.

This year we welcome two new teaching staff. Himali Chainrai and Kirstin Or. Himali comes with experience in ESF schools and other international schools in Hong Kong. Kirstin is joining us from the International School of Macau. Both teachers are very excited to be joining our team and will bring many skills and strengths with them. We are thrilled that Gillian Mee will also be continuing on with us as a class-based teacher and Heather Darling will stay on as our Tech Coach working 3 days per week. Jess Scott has opted to move to a part-time position in our school as an internal supply teacher which we are excited about too. All other teaching staff remain the same.

This year we are also seeing a number of Educational Assistants moving on and we will acknowledge them in our next few Newsletters too.

Teacher Placements for 2019/20

The class teachers for each year group are as follows.

Year 1 - Paula Lamont and Sharon Matthews

Year 2 - Rachel Lavery and Himali Chainrai

Year 3 - Indi Kalsi and Mary Rutkowski

Year 4 - Lucy Hui-Walters and Gillian Mee

Year 5 - Nia Sexton and Kirstin Or

Year 6 - Louise Bott and Chris Angelosante

Student Placements

Teachers and senior management have spent considerable time allocating students to classes for next year. As part of this process we ask each student to nominate 5 students who they would like to be in class with next year. We guarantee that each student will have at least one of the children on their list. As you can imagine this is a big jigsaw puzzle which we take very seriously, knowing the children and teachers very well. Please keep in mind that very young children change their friendships daily!

All students have now been allocated to classes and they will have an opportunity to meet their new teacher and classmates on Tuesday 25th June, from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. At this time they will also receive an introductory letter from their new teacher which they will bring home to you. Please look out for this in your child’s Diary. Unfortunately Himali and Kirstin will not be present on this day. However, we will share their introductory letter with the students and they will still get to meet their new classmates on this day.

Glenealy School Council (SC)
Big picture

Front Row: Karen Yau , Brenda Cook, Andy Lowe, Elaine Wang

Middle Row: Rachel Lavery, Dipa Iyer, Christine Meaney, David Benzie

Back Row: Derek Pinchbeck, Sam Guthrie.

At the end of this academic year, two of our SC parent representatives will be leaving, having collectively served a number of years with us. Sam Guthrie (parent elected rep) has served on our Council for two years and sadly has to leave given his son will be moving to Secondary School. Sam has chaired our Facilities and Health and Safety Sub Committees and has helped work alongside the SMT and other SC members to push forward various improvements in the school as well as chairing the parent Principal Recruitment Panel. Thanks Sam for you attention to detail, your thoughtful questions and for your support in helping to make Glenealy an even better school.

We have been privileged to have Christine Meaney (PTA parent rep) working alongside the SC team for a number years in her role as a member of the Finance and Facilities Sub-Committees. Many of you will know Christine for her outstanding commitment and dedication to the PTA and all things Glenealy! Christine’s youngest daughter is also moving onto Secondary School. Christine, in her numerous roles, has always given wise advice and guidance across a number of areas of governance. Christine is forward thinking and always has the best interests of Glenealy School at heart. Christine has spearheaded many initiatives with the PTA team and has moved the school forward in these areas leading the way for many other ESF Schools.It will seem quite different not to have Christine by our side.

Derek Pinchbeck (ESF CEO rep) will also be moving on and we thank Derek for his valuable contributions.

Thanks to Christine, Derek and Sam for their involvement and to all SC members for their practical, committed and dedicated approach to Governing the School.

Leaver’s Assembly

As we have a number of families moving out of Hong Kong over the summer, we will be saying farewell to students over the last two assemblies. If your child is a leaver, you will receive an email from Rekha, our Admissions Secretary, informing you of the assembly date and time related to your family, as you are welcome to attend. It is usual practice that those children leaving Hong Kong will share with the assembly about their next adventure. Staff will also be farewelled over these two assemblies. We will bid farewell to all Year 6 students at the Graduation Ceremony, however those leaving Hong Kong will also be farewelled at the leavers assembly.

The final two assemblies will take place on:

Friday 21st June from 2.15 to 3.00 pm

Friday 28th June from 11.15 am (Dress casual and early close at 12 noon this day).

Depending on the weather we may be able to hold these downstairs so more people can join us. We will update you closer to the time.

Kind regards


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Dates for your Diary

Thursday 6th June

Glenealy CPD day- no school for students

Friday 7th June

Public Holiday- Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat) Festival

Tuesday 11th June

Performances for Year 2 (recorder) & Year 3 (violin) at 8:30 am

Friday 14th June

Year 4 Bake Sale

Tuesday 18th June

School Council Meeting (off-site) 12:45 pm - 2:00 pm

Thursday 20th June

Year 5 Evening Showcase "The Influencer" 6:00 pm

Friday 21st June

Brenda's Farewell PTA Morning Tea 8:30 am in The Centre

Friday 28th June

End of Term 3 - school closes at 12:00 noon

PTA News

Farewell to Brenda

We know that many parents would like the opportunity to say goodbye and thank you to Brenda. The PTA will be hosting a morning tea on Friday 21st June at 8:30 am, after drop off. Please join us in The Centre for tea, coffee and light snacks.

Year 4 Fundraiser

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The Year 4 class parents are working in collaboration with the Year 4 teachers and students to host a Bake Sale on Friday 14th June. The focus of this fundraiser is on sustainability and zero waste. This will be the last fundraiser of the school year and will also mark the end of ‘Green Week’. With the summer holiday fast upon us, Year 4 would like us all to Go Green now and during your vacation by making a few simple changes. We hope that many of the ideas the Year 4 team are using will be used in all future fundraisers. This is a Bake Sale not to be missed!

· Please do not use plastic

· Please use your lunch boxes to take your treats home

· Bring your own reusable plates, bowls & containers

· Have fun playing the sustainability themed games

· Enjoy super yummy treats


Year 2 and Year 3 instrument performances

The Year 2 and and Year 3 students will be presenting a combined music performance next Tuesday 11th June starting at 8:30 am.

This performance will be an opportunity for Year 2s to share what they have been learning on the recorder and for Year 3s to present what they have been learning on the violin. We expect the combined presentation to take about 30 minutes and will take place in The Centre at the school.

Thank you once again for your support of Music and the Performing Arts at Glenealy and we look forward to seeing you next Tuesday morning.

Mr. David Benzie

Messages from The Green Team

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Big picture
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Tetra Pak Recycling

Final week to collect and prepare your tetrapaks for recycling!

GREAT NEWS!...........We have found a recycler who is going to recycle tetra packs and juice boxes and we are setting up a regular collection point at school at school for our community. We need your help to collect the packaging. (only tetrapaks please e.g. juice boxes and milk cartons.)

To prepare your packaging for recycling, you need to cut it open, clean it and leave it to dry. It won’t take up too much space to store ready for the collection day. It’s one way to reduce how much rubbish that goes to landfill.

We will be collecting the packaging before school on the playground on Monday 10th June.

We have made a movie to help you prepare your tetra paks for recycling.

Preparing Your Tetra Pak For Recycling

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Transfer information for students

At this time of year, some families may be moving to other countries and schools. If any documentation or assessments are required for your child's new school, please contact Rekha, the school's Admissions Secretary, directly to arrange this at

Important Reminder

Has your child's visa status changed?

As a reminder, all children attending an ESF school need the appropriate and valid visa status to do so. Please inform the school if your child's visa status changes. For more information, you may refer to the Immigration section on the ESF website.

Useful School Forms

Student Withdrawal Form - required one month before the last date of attendance

Medical Authorisation Form - required should your child need to take medication whilst at school, on a school trip or camp

ESF/Glenealy Calendar for 2018/19

Please refer closely to this calendar for any important events, (e.g . booking your holidays) for this academic year.

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ESF Calendar for 2019-20

Please find the final version of the next academic year's calendar here.
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