13 Reasons Why

Mary Catherine Jennings


The main character, Hannah Baker, commits suicide leaving 13 tapes behind to give to those left to blame. From Clay Jensen's prespective it is beyond shocking and heartbreaking to listen to Hannah as she talks about people Clay sees everyday. The big question is will he deliver the tapes out to the rest of the victims or keep this secret to himself.


~Clay Jensen(narrator)

~Hannah Baker(main character, commits suicide)

~Justin Foley(Hannah's first crush)

~Alex(one of the victims on the tapes)--responsible for Hannah's death

~Jessica(new girl in town)

~Tyler Down(Hannah's stalker)

~Marcus(one of the victims on the tapes)-responsible for Hannah's death


Trait 1: Guilty

Clay feels Hannah's Suicide is all his fault because he is the first victim to receive the tapes.

Trait 2: Worried/confused

Clay doesn't know if he should send tapes to other victims or is he should keep it to himself.


"We went to school together, two years ago. You're clay right?"

this quote is one of the first things Hannah says on the tapes.


Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Important Event

When Clay first gets delivered the tapes, he is beyond shocked and doesn't know how to react.