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MGSD SLMCs model, advocate, and lead.

Learning Environment Creators

MGSD SLMC's create a learning environment that meets the instructional needs of a diverse population of students skilled for success.

Program Administrators

MGSD SLMCs actively implement a research and inquiry based library media program.


MGSD SLMCs lead in literacy for all stakeholders and collaborate with teachers for effective instructional practices to support student learning.

Reflective Practitioners

MGSD SLMCs reflect on their practices through data, research, and professional development.

Student Quotes

Park View Student: “I love our library media center because whenever we come see you you always smile and make us feel welcome, it is my favorite special! And when you come to our room we do fun research and writing and we are getting better and better at it! Now we know more and will be ready for our next grade. We have the best school in the world!"

Mooresville Intermediate Students: "My librarian has helped my by guiding me to find great books. The library itself is comfy and a great place to read. The books are kind of easy to read, but hopefully next year there will be more challenging books." and "Without the library, how would we know what to answer for all of our tests? Where would we get books to read so we didn't have to do chores? Nowhere else gives us better adventures than this library."