Kindergarten Connection

Ms. Solmson's Kindergarten Weekly Newsletter

September 8th-11th


In Literacy this week we had so much fun studying the work of Audrey and Don Wood. We began our unit of study by reading The Napping House. We practiced our sequencing skills by illustrating a “Napping House” flip book. It was very interesting for us to discuss the colors that Don Wood chose to use to illustrate the pictures in this silly story. Next, we enjoyed reading Silly Sally and we even wrote our own silly ways of getting to town just like Sally. We also read Quick as a Cricket and created similes about ourselves. Judd said that he was as fast as Coach Coffey while Sophia M. said she is as pretty as a star!

During our phonics study we reviewed the -ad and -an word families while also exploring the -ap and -ag families. As we have become more familiar with the Words Their Way program we thought it would be a great time to begin Literacy Centers! On Tuesday we introduced six new centers, including a word family game, some handwriting practice, a beginning consonant hole punch activity, syllable work, and more! Our class did an incredible job working quietly through their centers and working with their friends to complete all six centers.


In Math, we worked on numbers through 20. On Tuesday we did some counting of objects as well as reviewing of our tally mark skills. Wednesday we were so excited to learn an easier and faster way to count by using ten frames. We learned that when the top row is full we have five and when the whole frame is full we have 10! Some of our favorite math activities this week were Name Ten Frames and Ten Frame Stamping! We also practiced the proper formation of our numbers and worked really hard on catching those reversals.

Rosh Hashanah

This week we made beautiful honey pots to go with our apple dishes that we completed last week! We discussed that we dip the apples in the honey to remind us that we should have a sweet new year. When we read Rimon For Shira during Tefillah our class could not believe that a Davis teacher, Morah Galia, was the author of such a wonderful story! On Thursday we became chefs and got to make individual round challahs and this inspired us to create round challah covers. All of our crafts have turned out beautifully. To complete our Rosh Hashanah unit we got to do a raisin taste test on Friday! Some of us were a little hesitant to try the craisins and the golden raisins, but the chocolate dipped ones were definitely a class favorite!

Message from Mrs. Cross

I have enjoyed getting to know your child this past three weeks in Friday Art Class! I can honestly say it is a delight to teach Art at the Davis Acadamy.
Last week I brought 20 goldfish in a bowl. They were mesmerized by their movement and rendered a Matisse inspired impression complete with a window and horizon line. We used mixed media : crayons,blue and yellow paint,and a rectangular piece of construction paper.
Terms we have learned:
Drawing with Scissors
Positive Space
Negative Space

We discussed France and Spain in relation to each other and Atlanta,Ga.
Ms.Richin loaned us her globe.
We will work with Clay,Printmaking,and repeat the drawing,cutting and painting experiences this next month. I will be introducing new artists such as Paul Klee.
We enjoyed classical piano and cello music as well as Miles Davis 'Sketches of Spain for Picasso.
Sylvia Cross

Second Grade Operation Isaiah

It’s time for Operation Isaiah, so please help support The Second Grade Mitzvah project!! The food drive is from Wednesday, September 16-Friday, October 2nd. Please send in canned and boxed goods in the bag we provided. The food bank cannot collect any glass or baby food. When you return the bag to school, the bags can be placed in the food bins in the carpool lobby. The Second grade team really appreciates your support!!


-On September 17th we will be taking some Kindergarten pictures. Your child will receive a "Class of 2024" t-shirt to wear, but please send them to school in navy bottoms.

Upcoming Dates

-September 14 & 15: Rosh Hashanah No School

-September 17: Kindergarten Picture

-September 22: Erev Yom Kippur Half Day

-September 23: Yom Kippur No School

-September 28 & 29: Sukkot No School

-October 2: Kindergarten Sukkah Lunch

-October 5 & 6: Simchat Torah No School

Thank you!

Thank you to Samantha's grandma for being our Mystery Reader!