Consequences of War

What happend after the Revolutionary and Clival war

Consequences of War Details

Britain developed new laws.In 1776 states made their own constitutions.Masachusetts choose to end slavery in 1783.Congrass owed huge sums of money to solders.several states used Virginia's state constitution as a model.If the Declaration's words were true,many people said,slavery should be stopped.

Consequences of War Details

In Massachusetts,a slave named Elizabeth Freeman sued to be free.Settelers moved to the Appalachians to build new lives.Africans Americans ministers were leaders for Abutution in the United States.

Consequences of war (you are there)

"Slavery is wrong!" a man declares,pounding his fist on the table in front of you."Just read the Declaration of Independence.It says everybody should have liberty."

Other members of the group nod their heads in agreement."It's not right that we should win our freedom but deny freedom to slaves,"your mother says."We should stop slavery altogether," another person says."But I'm afraid that's going to be hard."

Consequences of War summary

After the Revolutionary War,the states wrote constitutions and views on slavery changed.Western settlement led to land policies and fights with American Indians.
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