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Week of 1/18/16

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Black History Month Celebrations Update

Students are working hard on their Black History Month tech projects. Some are doing the work at home and others have chosen to stay after school to do research on an important or influential figure of black history or culture and are creating interactive tech projects to show what they've learned. The most amazing part? Over 25 students have signed up already, and I'm getting permission slips every day. This just shows that our students are AWESOME!

Projects are due Thursday, February 11th and the Black History Month Committee will be staying after school to hang the QR codes to get the halls ready for the Interactive Black History and Culture Museum. The museum should be ready to go by Tuesday, February 16th.

Please feel free to check out iPads to use for the museum experience.

Here is the information for the Black History Celebration.

Performance 1

8:15 – 9:15

2nd Grade - Teachers can leave students at 8:30, must pick students up at 9:15 from gym.

3rd Grade - Teachers stay with students.

4th Grade - Teachers take students to specials. Specials teachers bring students to performance, must return to students at 8:25.

Two homerooms from 5th Grade - Teachers stay with students.

*Ms. Sherwood will be providing more information for 5th grade

Transition time 9:15 – 9:30

Performance 2

9:30 – 10:30

PreK - Teachers stay with students.

K - Teachers bring students to gym and can leave; must return at 10:15.

1st Grade - Teachers stay with students.

Two homerooms from 5th Teachers stay with students.

*MOID will choose which performance fits best with their schedule.

I have made the schedule to where no one misses their Specials times. Specials teachers will be in the gym during the performance with the grade levels that have specials at that time. Grade levels with specials later in the day will still get their allotted planning time.

Collection Development Time!

What does this mean? You have the opportunity to provide input about what books and ebooks you would like in the library! Just complete the Google form below, and I will see if the book is available through our provider, Mackin.

Side note: nonfiction text becomes quickly outdated, so if you request a nonfiction text, I will most likely see if it is available in ebook format first.

Read to Succeed Link

If you would like to do Read for Succeed, please use the link below. Thanks!