Marfran Syndrome

BY: Morgan & Jaylen


Marfran Syndrome is a disorder that affects your connective tissue in your body which provides the frame work and support your body needs. This disorder is autosomal recessive.


Marfran syndrome affects primarily your bones, ligaments,heart and blood vessels, eyes,lungs, and the skin. With this disorder you can have tears in your inner walls, or a rupture in one of your heart valves. You can usually tell when someone has Marfran Syndrome when they're very tall and slender with a narrow face.


Marfran Syndrome cannot be cured and with doctors help you can still live a long full life. There aren't many things You can do to treat Marfan Syndrome but you can get a specific surgery depending on your symptoms.


Marfran syndrome affects 1/5000 people. Its not specific on what gender it is commonly found in and it can appear at any age. With Marfran Syndrome you have to..

- avoid jobs with great amounts of physical activity

-No contact sports

-No heavy lifting

Who is Helping?

Chris Malaisire and patrick M. McCarthy mastered and offered the most advanced surgical techniques such as valve- sparing aortic root surgery and others that help to correct cardiovascular abnormalities.