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January 11th, 2021

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St. Mary's Catholic School partners with families in the formation of children as disciples of Jesus and His Kingdom, through FAITH, SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, and SERVICE.

Virtue of the Week - Forgiveness

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Our virtue this week is FORGIVENESS - The strength to write off a debt of any kind and start fresh with a clean slate. To truly forgive someone from our heart is one of the hardest things we can ever do. It takes a tremendous amount of virtue. Let’s start by FORGIVING someone in our family who may have offended us in some way.

Lunch Menu Changes This Week


Corn Dogs

Potato Chips

Baked Beans



Skinless Baked Potato

Green Beans



Tuscan Pig Family Fundraiser

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CASE Training (Ethics and Integrity Class)

***Required for parents who want to volunteer on campus***

January 30, 2021 in the Parish Center/Cafeteria from 9 am until 11:30 am.

English Only

Facilitated by Deacon Ruben Natera

To register, please contact Janet Collard (903)753-1657 or Melissa Aguilar (903)757-5855

You must preregister. Please bring a pen and wear a mask. Be certain to sign in to get credit. $16 covers back ground check

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers must be CASE certified (Ethics and Integrity Trained)

  • Litter pickup on weekends.
  • Bathroom Monitors - Call School Office (903) 753-1657
  • Sanitizing and cleaning church following weekend Masses - Contact Lea Kottwitz at ext 303
  • Be a substitute teacher! Must have CASE training (see above). Contact Janet Collard (903) 753-1657 ext. 125 or jcollard@stmaryslgv.org

Please contact the school office for scheduling and more information

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Mass Helpers

January 12 - Middle School Attending

Daisy Rodriguez – Reading

Clayton Kemp – Psalm

Carlie Nelms – Petitions

January 21 - 3rd - 5th Grades THURSDAY instead of Tuesday

Edie Wilson - Reading

Haley Hernandez - Psalm

Gracie Gaddis - Petitions

January 26 - Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Brennan Billodeaux - Reading

Joseph Guilliams - Psalm

Jenna Cave - Petitions

January 28 - High School Only - CHANGED from January 21

Dominic Tucker - Reading

Loretta Tassin - Psalm

Lawrence Scribner - Petitions

February 2 - Middle School

Preslie Peyton - Reading

Blanton Mansfield - Psalm

Eithan Kammerling - Petitions

Important Dates

January 12

School Mass (Middle School Attending)

High School Basketball vs. Athens @home

January 15

High School Basketball vs. CHS @CHS

January 18

Civil Rights Day - No School

January 19

School Mass (3rd through 5th Grades attending)

High School Basketball vs. Regents @Regents

January 20

Family Fundraiser @ Tuscan Pig

January 21

High School Only Holy Mass

Middle School Basketball vs. LCS @home

January 22

High School Basketball vs. Northside @home (Boys Only)

January 25

Middle School Basketball vs. Athens @Athens

January 26

School Mass (Kindergarten through 2nd grades attending)

High School Basketball vs. Greenville @Greenville

January 28

Middle School Basketball vs. Full Armor @home

January 29

Noon Dismissal - No Lunches Served/No After-School Care

High School Basketball vs. Athens @ Athens

January 31 - February 6 - Catholic Schools Week



If your student is on the lunch plan, they should check either Meal Plan Lunch Singles or Meal Plan Lunch Doubles.

If your student is bringing their lunch, they do not have to do anything.

Cafeteria Menu

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2020-2021 School Calendar - Revised 12/10/2020

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Please remember that we are a closed campus.

Lunches, forgotten homework, gym clothes, water bottles, etc should not be delivered to school. We will not be accepting food delivery services either.

Please call the school office to make an appointment.

Any child who does not have a lunch, will be served a cafeteria lunch and their account will be charged accordingly.

Community Health Safety Plan

Read Detailed Plan Here

Please do not hesitate to contact Cami Jo Harouff, our school nurse, or Darbie Safford, our principal, with any questions or concerns.

Carline Drop-Off and Pick-Up Etiquette

Do not cut in line.

Drop-off and pick up lines are moving more quickly every day. Please practice patience and, for the safety of the other families waiting in line, do not cut into the line.

Pull forward.

There is no reason to leave a car’s length of empty space in between your car and the vehicle in front of you. All of our St. Mary’s parents are trying to get their children to or from school every day and it takes much longer when parents do not pull forward.

Do not park in the line and get out of your vehicle.

The pickup and drop off lines are supposed to be moving lines. If you have to park for some reason, then find a designated parking spot and park your vehicle there. Otherwise, please stay in your vehicle during drop off and pick up times. Any conversations you need to have with your child should happen on the way to school or while waiting your turn in the drop-off line; our goals is to keep the line moving.

Get off your phone and pay attention.

Remember, no phones in school zones. Please put it down until you are at home or at work.

Make sure your child is ready to get out of the vehicle when they need to be.

School drop-off time is not the time to chat about after school plans, put on coats, find masks, or fill out forms. When it is time for them to get out of the car, please make sure that they are fully dressed and ready to go so you do not hold up the line.

Let your child out in a designated area only.

The school has designated drop off and pickup areas for a reason. Letting your student out in the middle of the parking lot may seem like a great way to avoid the car line when you are in a hurry, but having them run through cars in the car line is dangerous!

Pick up your student(s) and continue the flow of traffic...

Please do not take time to get everything organized or have a conversation about the day before you pull away from the curb. Have children buckle up and then pull away from the line when it is safe to do so, allowing other parents to pull up and get their children. If your child is in a car seat or booster and needs extra help with their buckles, please pull into a parking space to assist them.

Lastly, be patient.

We are all working to keep our children and families safe. Honking at other parents or kids or displaying any other form of road rage is not necessary and is not in keeping with the Christian environment which we promote.