Drug Project

Cameron Vandyke & jimel blackwelder

Overview of the organization

is to help people that have struggles with chemical abuse

Types of illnesses treated

it treats almost all chemical abuse like alcohol and drugs

Programs offered and types of treatment

they offer people to go to a addiction center to help there chemical abuse

Contact information

6428 Wilkinson Blvd

Belmont NC 28107

phone: 704 207 0188

Five additional facts about the organization

  1. your receiving the guidance that will help your chemical abuse to chart your course to success
  2. helps them combat your addiction
  3. provide tools to help you overcome your addiction
  4. if a person continues to go to therapy they are less likely to do drugs
  5. insurance helps you pay your bill if you have a drug addiction


if you ever have a drug problem you should go to a rehab and get some help so you can go the right way and be addiction free