Sam Houston wanted Mexico to prevent war and to have peace with the Native Americans

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Sam Houston

Lumar did not want to prevent war from Mexico he wanted to encourage it and did NOT care for peace with the Native Americans and wanted ALL the Native Americans out of Texas.
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Mirabeau B. Lumar

Treaty of April 1844

Would make Texas a territory of the U.S. Texans grudgingly accepted, but the U.S. Senate rejected it. Did not pass by 2/3 majorities. which is a big shock.

Election 1844 in the U.S

James K. Polk becomes new President (He favored annexation). This meant Americans also favored annexation of Texas.

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James K. Polk

Joint Resolution

A formal ruling passed by both houses in U.S. congress that only takes a simple majority. It was much easier to pass. Overwhelmingly passed! U.S. voted to annexation Texas on Feb. 26, 1845.