PSAT Testing Update

Score explanation & student remediation requirements

PSAT Results will be available soon

PSAT scores will be arriving soon to Traders, and Mrs. Harris, Guidance Counselor, will be meeting with sophomores and juniors to walk through a power point to help them understand their score report. The students will then bring that test report home and parents will receive an email with that power point attached so they may better understand their child's score. Please take time to review the results with your student in preparation for future PSAT/SAT exams.

What If My Student's Score Was Low (45 or less)?

If your student is a sophomore, consider this their practice test as they get a "do-over" for real in October 2015. For juniors the PSAT serves as not only a practice test for the SAT, but is also used to determine college readiness and as the qualifying test for National Merit Scholarships.

So, if your student is currently a junior, there is more at stake.

In 2013, the Indiana General Assembly passed a law requiring public and state-accredited non-public school students who meet specific score criteria to take a college and career readiness exam (CCRE) and potentially receive academic remediation. This is to identify students who may need remediation in reading and/or math early on and possibly reduce the number of students who need remediation at the college level. It is better to address their need now than wait until they are attending university.

What are those criteria?

  • PSAT scores
  • End-of-Course Assessments (Alg I and Eng 10)

Current juniors who earned a PSAT score of 45 or lower in the Critical Reading and/or Math sections must take a CCRE test. Additionally, any junior who has failed to pass either the Algebra I or English 10 ECA twice must also take the CCRE test. The test will be given to them at TPCA in February, 2015.

What is the College and Career Readiness Exam (CCRE)?

The assessment selected by the state of Indiana is College Board's ACCUPLACER test. These assessments are internet-based, computer adaptive tests that assess reading and mathematics skills and are used to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses in specific skill areas. The results from the ACCUPLACER will provide a detailed assessment of students’ skills, which will assist in course selection and possible remediation plans for students. If your child is required to take the ACCUPLACER, Mrs. Harris will notify you in January and provide information on next steps. Contact Mrs. Harris if you have questions.