Risk factors of drugs and alcohol

Paulina, Erica , Elizabeth, Britney

Physical health

  • Bad teeth
  • Drinking alcohol may cause seizures
  • Physical injuries (you're not aware of what you're doing while under the influence)
  • Internal damage- consuming loatge amounts of alcohol leads to possible diseases of the liver
  • Alcohol affects brain developement especially when it's consumed in adolescent years of a person's life
  • Violence ( some drugs affects how an individual behaves)

Mental Health

  • Addiction- some drugs make an individual dependent on them
  • Depression- both alcohol and drugs can increase a persons negative thinking after use and possibly use more to make this feeling dissappear
  • Drugs alter the moods of it's user as well as alcohol
  • Can result in developmental lags, apathy, withdrawal, and other psycological dysfunctions
  • Conduct problems, personality disorders, suicidal thoughts that can result in attempts and cases of suicide

Social Health

  • Misbehavior caused by alcohol can have disastrous effects on pupil's educational attainment and performance of intellect in later life
  • Alcohol abuse causes a negative impact of the abuser's personalit. An increase in irrantability, poor judgement and reasoning
  • Use of alcohol causes an increase of voilent crime in society and automobile accidents
  • Drugs can increase your probability of being intough situations (ex: Debt)
  • Drug use while ina relationship can cause conflict. Such as breakdown in comunnication
  • Also use of drugs can impair ones concentration during any activity, therefore can't function properly

Lifestyle choices to lower risks

  • Direct social pressure - when someones offer you a drink say no
  • Cope with situations you cant avoid. Again just say no
  • Remember, its your choice so be cautious
  • Become knowlegeable about the effects of drinking and drugs on the body and commit your self to not submitting to that posibility
  • Talk to parents and form good relationships with them. They are able to give good advice and influence you to not make bad decisions concerning drugs and alcohol
  • Dont be influenced by the media
  • Social smoking is a trap
  • If a problem is present don't turn to alcohol imstead go to a friend or councellor
  • Find hobbies that don't involve drug and alcohol use/abuse
  • Follow family rules about drugs and alcohol