Information For Parents


The information provided by the website seems fairly accurate. It ranges from portion sizes, breast feeding, nutrition, and labor preparation. The information provided is becoming mainstream in today's society. It addresses issues being faced by some children; like being compared to siblings and sleep issues. Not only is such information is important but has scientific backing that supports it.


As society grows older, new information becomes available. It wasnt until recently that prenatal care became mainstream. has information that is up to date and helpful. Social media sites are now being used to update parents. Questions and tips can be posted online for other parents to see and respond to. New information is given while ones that don't work ore revamped.

You are not only raising the child itself, but also the adult they are going to be.


Today, more emphasis is put on raising the child. Before, prenatal care and guidlines for pregnant mothers weren't widespread. gives information that is part of mainstream parenting of nowadays. Today, fathers play a larger role in parenting than before; tips are provided on how fathers can help raise the child.

Usefull For New Parents

The website provides a good amount of information required by the parents. What kind of things to expect, what things are good and what things are bad. Proper nutrition and amounts are provided. Every parent makes mistakes, especially if their new parents. provides tips and checklists/guidelines to help you raise your child.