New York

Zak Schmidt

Recreation and Entertainment

In Saratoga Springs New Yorkers like to do a horse racing. New Yorkers like to ride boats close to Niagra Falls. New Yorkers like to get splashed with loads of water. Boxing is a popular sport in New York. It is done at Madison Square Garden. Madison Square Garden has some of the best pizza. To see New York in a cool way, go on the Sky Tram which goes from Manhattan to Brooklyn. The Sky Tram goes above the city instead of driving across the Brooklyn Bridge in a car.
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The first subway ever made was built in 1904. New York has the largest subway system in the world. They have 450 stations and 653 miles of rails. The subway is the fastest way to travel but it always so crowded.

The Statue of Liberty is a beacon of hope and also one of the greatest landmarks in the world. It is made of a bendable copper sheet. Painted with loads of different color green to make a cool aquamarine color. You can go up to the crown or even the torch, that the Statue of Liberty is holding.

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The Brooklyn Bridge leave Brooklyn to Madison. The Appalacian Mountains are in New York. New York has two of the great lakes also. The lakes are Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. New York has the most powerful waterfall in all of North America, Niagra falls.
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Fun Facts

New Yorks state animal is a beaver. The states song is I love New York. Albert Einsteines eyeballs are stored in a sfae deposite box in New York. Honking is illegal in New York but people do it anyway. A man finds 600$a week searching for gold in sidewalk cracks.