Andrea McKinney

Born: January 9th, 1996 in Plano Texas

Who is SHE?

Andrea is a current student at Coppell High School. She has no siblings and lives with her Mom (mater) and Dad (pater). In her free time she enjoys horseback riding and anything Disney! Andrea is currently takes latin in school and is involved in the Latin club here at CHS.

Life Influences and Hometown Hero

Andreas life influence: MOM

Andrea and her mom are very much alike, she can tell her mom anything. They both love history, horses and the arts. Her mother is her main influence because of there similarities and interests. The credit goes to her mom not just for being a mentor to her daughter, but being an idol and an amazing role model that she can follow. Her mother not only is her life influence but she also takes the place of her hometown hero. Andreas mother is brave like a hero. She watched out for the neighborhood and keeps everyone safe.

Andreas Future Plans, Goals, Career

In the future, Andrea would like to be a History teacher and maybe in the future have a family. If she is not a History teacher, she would be a horseback riding instructor.


Mr. Stansel influenced Andrea her freshman year and allowed her to become more passionate then ever about History in general. Even though Andrea already showed interest in teaching History or studying it in the future. Mr. Stansel boosted her excitement and joy for the subject of history and hopefully she will continue with History in the future.

Public Services

Andrea has been involved in several churches annual Christmas drive. Andrea volunteers each year to help many needy parents or single adults raining children with no income. During this event, the many donators who have spent time and money donating gifts and toys for young children, help the needy who collect a few things to bring home to there families so that Christmas day, the children can experience things that sometimes we take for granted.



  • Andrea is an only child, and yes she claims it does get lonely.
  • Andrea has traveled to London with her mom a few years ago and says it was one of her favorite trips, beside her trip to Boston.
  • This summer she saw amazing fireworks and celebrations on the 4th of July in Boston!
  • Andrea is currently working on opening a Disney club with her former teacher, Mr. Stansel.
  • Andrea is very involved in Latin Club and is currently learning the language in School as one of her extra curricular classes.
  • She has a small dog and her name is Chloe :)