Business Etiquette: Ages 14-17

Raven Homeschool, Anchorage Office

Please reply to this e-mail if you are interested in having your student take this class in April!

I am in the process of scheduling a 1-time business etiquette class at Laura's Image Development Program. I would like to schedule a class for Raven students, but only if there is enough interest. The price point will be at most $25/student.

"Don’t just make a good first impression, make your absolute best first impression!

Businesses today, as they always have been, aren’t just searching for someone who can do the job but also candidates with manners and etiquette that seem to be lost in today's pool of young job applicants. Our aim is to teach you time tested business and personal etiquette skills to not only get you the job but keep the job as well.

Learn how to properly shake someones hand, how your posture can change how you are treated by your peers and lets face it, just because you can wear it to the mall, doesn’t mean you can wear it to work! Yep, you’ll even learn how the clothes you wear to work speaks volumes about your personality, ethics and demeanor."