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North Natomas Little League | Vol. 1 No. 1

Play Ball!

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So You Want To Be A Little League Manager? 16 Tips For Mastering The Skill Of Running A Youth Sports Team

Being a Little League Manager is no walk in the (ball)park. It takes patience, excellent communication skills, top-notch organizational skills, conflict resolution skills, even more patience, leadership, discipline, maturity and...Did I mention? Patience. Lots of patience.

North Natomas Little League prides itself in being the premier Little League program in Sacramento. Our goal is to create a positive, fun, and memorable experience for the youth of our community.

Our managers are a critical component to fulfilling NNLL’s mission. Sorry, Skip. You are not just coaching baseball games. You are creating a culture and experience that has lifetime implications for the boys and girls whose hearts and minds you have been entrusted to shape.

And while it starts with you, we recognize that your players' parents are just as responsible for reinforcing good sportsmanship in our young athletes.

Here are 16 ways Little League managers can master the skill of running a successful team... [read more]

About us

North Natomas Little League is a non-profit organization, chartered by Little League International. Providing a safe and fun experience for the youth of our community since 20004.

Walk-Up Registration

Saturday, Jan. 9th 2016 at 9am

North Natomas Regional Park

Details here and stuff. Bring proof of residency. Where we will be set up. Look for our Coaches, Team Parents, Umpires, Scorekeepers, Groundskeepers, and Snack Bar Helpers: Look for our Volunteer Sign Up Booth. Free background check takes less than 60 seconds!