Mass Hysteria


I'm Gonna Get An A+

Who Was Involved

There was no real exact person from the Swine Flu it was a outbreak.

The flu was a outbreak with patient zero and was thought of from coming from a pig.

Patient Zero was the person that was suspected was a five-year old boy.His name was Edgar Hernandez.

Where Did This Catastrophe Happen

Well The Swine Flu didn't just happen in one location, it was all over the world.The places it most and hardest hit were:

What Event Cause Panic?

It started as a single case in Mexico in April 2.Over time the swine flu spread over multiple countries.While in Mexico the swine flu killed more than 150 people.In the U.S., one was hospitalized.In Mexico the high authorities closed all schools and everyone wearing surgical masks everywhere.More than 2000 potential possible cases were reported in.This cause to people to spur in fear of themselves having the swine flu.

How Did People Lived When The They Out That The Swine Flu Was In The Area?

People lived in fear and consume themselves mentally in their own homes.If they was to leave the house they would always wear their masks.Actually, in their own home they would wear it.The news spread like wildfire, the swine flu spread through the world soo fast.The most concern were the children because,it hit the children the hardest,most children were catching it.

The Crucible

The Crucible extended trailer

Swine Flu vs. TheCrucible

  • In both The Crucible and during the swine flu people were killed.
  • In The Crucible Abigail got people killed on purpose for revenge while the swine flu is naturally caused.It was hanging vs. disease.
  • Of course the death tole of the swine flu but The Crucible had killed many people because of the women going crazy accusing people of witchcraft.
  • In both situations made tons of people go in to panic and defensive.
  • Causes of the each one is very different.In The Crucible it was rumors that stirred people so it was a transition from verbal to physical.In the swine flu it was animal interactions between pigs and kids.
The Crucible Overview