All Things Scholarships


A scholarship is a payment awarded to a student based on outstanding academic achievements, or because they have met all requirements set out by the scholarship sponsor. Students are able to receive multiple scholarships. Scholarship funds are "free" money for students to use toward continuing their education. This money does NOT need to be paid back to the sponsor.


The APW Local Scholarships and Awards are organized and given specifically to APW students. These scholarships and awards are recognized at our Senior Awards Night in June. Awards are not necessarily given each year and the amounts are estimates based on previous years. Each award is subject to change. Students are encouraged to apply to all scholarships that they feel they might be eligible for. You can never apply for too many scholarships.



American Education Guidance Center

  • College Planning Calendar: College Covered college planning calendar is a yearlong checklist for high school seniors and their parents detailing the must-do's for the college application process. This tool outlines each step so students and their families can stay on track. Plus, it's ready to bookmark and print for easy access.
  • Student Scholarships website has a newsletter with scholarship opportunities available.
  • College Board is offering a unique program that guides current seniors through the college planning process and offers a chance to earn money for college for each action they complete.

Scholarships for FAFSA Completion

  • By confirming completion of the FAFSA, students can qualify for drawings for $500 College Board Opportunity Scholarships. Here's how:

1.They sign up for College Board Opportunity Scholarships if they haven't yet joined.

2.They fill out the FAFSA.

3.Once they've submitted the FAFSA, they visit the My Action Plan page and confirm their submission.

4.If they're legally ineligible to complete the FAFSA, they can still qualify for this scholarship on their My Action Plan page.

Winners are selected monthly and are notified via the email in their College Board accounts. For questions about Opportunity Scholarships, email or call 844-298-3554.

Wyatt, FAFSA Assistance Chatbot

  • College Board has partnered with Benefits Data Trust - a national nonprofit - to connect Opportunity Scholarship participants with Wyatt, a free FAFSA-assistance chatbot that answers questions via text message. Students can receive around-the-clock help from Wyatt to ensure that frequently asked questions get answered quickly. All seniors can now sign up for Wyatt using the link at the top of the Opportunity Scholarships homepage.

The Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities in New York

  • Resources available for download to students and parents for private independent colleges and universities in New York State. There is also a campus locator map to reference.

New York's Private Colleges and Universities Admissions and Financial Aid

  • This is a free resource for students to access information on private colleges and universities in New York State