Week 8 Announcements


Starting Unit 5 this week!

Due this week: HS L1 and HS L2

Unit 5 Requires Permission Confirmation!

Students, you will find that Module 5 on Human Sexuality is locked until you confirm that you have permission from your parents to proceed with the unit. HB156 is the Alaska State Law that requires teachers to notify parents ahead of Human Sexuality content. I have notified all parents already, so please just confirm that you have permission and the Module will open up. Thanks!!

2 Units Remaining

HI Everyone! Grades are updated, so check your progress. We are starting the Human Sexuality unit this week. We have 2 weeks for completing that unit, then on to the final unit of Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco. There are 5 weeks left in the course - Can you believe it? Have a great week!!

Contact Ms. A with Questions

In the summer, texting will get the fastest response.

Text #: ​​631-494-2462