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October 23, 2020 - Week 10

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7 Things You Need To Know Today

  1. Grades have been published. You can find them in Home Access Center (HAC). Please be sure to go back and read my message in last week's Friday Forecast. Click on and read the article on grades.

  2. Developing Consistency in Google Classroom: We know that with parents helping kids navigate learning at home, we had to do some adjustments to Google Classroom. Here is what you know should see:
    1. The "Stream" at the top of Google Classroom should be turned off, except in a rare case. This will reduce clutter in Classroom.
    2. You should see "Topics" be the primary part of Google Classroom. This is where assignments should be posted. We give teachers the flexibility to decide on how they arranged their Topics. If your child is remote, you should see the Zoom or Meets link at the top of the Topics.
    3. All parents/guardians should have received a Guardian Invite. What this does is send you a weekly email with what work is missing, what work has been completed, and what is coming up. If you want to get this weekly email and have not received the invite, please contact only one of your child's teachers. They can add you to all classes.
    4. Course Names should now be changed to be easier to follow, especially if you have more than one student. The main part you will see will include: Class Name- Subject-Grade Level-Period (ex. Science-Gr 6-Per 2). The second part gives the teacher some flexibility. Under Section, they can add more detail such as A/B Day, times, etc.
    5. Better naming between assignments in HAC and Google Classroom. Parents have commented that they cannot tell which assignments in HAC are from what assignments in Classroom. So we have asked teachers to consider better HAC-Gradebook naming of assignments.
    6. If you would like to see our Google Slides presentation, click here.

  3. One of our goals for Q2 will be to figure out how to better navigate asynchronous days and the associated work. We are not seeing near enough students complete their work on these days. Our Building Instructional Leadership Team will be taking up this topic at our next meeting. We will also consider reaching out to parents and students for input.

  4. Our PTO will be starting their annual PapaNicholas Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate sale, along with their Write-a-Check campaign soon. We will not be especially assertive this year knowing that the financial situations of many of our families have changed. But if you have the ability to be generous, it will be deeply appreciated!

  5. PE classes will be going outside until the temp is 32 degrees or so. Please send your kids with the right clothing for that temperature.

  6. Passing periods will continue to happen outside, even when it is cold. When it gets too cold, we will give kids the option of inside our outside passing periods.

  7. We have had 10 Covid cases over 10 weeks. I'm really proud of how we have been doing! But we need to keep that going so that we can keep our schools open. So how can we do that when we are tired of wearing masks, have Corona-fatigue, and want to be around others?
    1. We need to keep our circles small. Of course, we need human contact, but we need to keep our groups of people really small. My wife and I only socialize with a few other couples who have also agreed that we would only socialize together. Our kids have done the same- even at college.
    2. Wearing masks has a huge impact on mitigating Covid. They are inconvenient, not life-changing. Encourage your family to wear masks whenever possible. A minor inconvenience prevents the spread.
    3. Keep washing your hands. 20 seconds certainly feels like a long time, but in our lives, it is... OK, 20 seconds.
    4. With the holidays coming up, make a plan on how to keep your family safe while still seeing family.
    5. Get outside! The more you are outside, the less you are inside.
    6. If we can figure out how to keep our Covid numbers low, we will be in amazing shape through the winter! Please help me keep Wredling open by doing what you can to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Check out some of our student's artwork from the past few weeks by viewing the short videos below. You can see everything from paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, etcetera! We are very proud of our talented RedHawks. Share these videos with your student and encourage them to compliment their peers on their hard work!

7th & 8th Grade Boys Basketball

Mark your calendars - 7th & 8th Grade Boys Basketball will begin Monday, November 16th. Final plans are underway to get this sport up and running. All students must have a physical on file in order to participate. More information will follow in our next edition of the Friday Forecast.



Current theme: "PETS"

We want pictures of your pets - you with your pet(s), pets in costumes, foster pets, pet adoptions, etc.

  • Pictures can be shared through the Google drive or email at Timothy.Massie@d303.org OR
  • CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW (computer or smartphone) and use access code - redhawks)
WMS 6th Grade Hybrid Newsletter - CLICK HERE

Click the button for the most recent news from our 6th Grade

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Welcome to remote learning! Remember that remote students have classes every day. Below are resources for our full remote learners:

You can check the attendance for any of your students at any time by logging into the Home Access Center and clicking on the attendance tab to view. Toggle between students using the arrow in the upper right hand corner.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the main office at (331) 228-3100! We are here to help!


HERE is our D303 Calendar for November. Please note that we do not have school in the State of Illinois on November 3 due to the election. November 9 is also now a Remote Learning Planning Day with students not in attendance.
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Parenting The New Teen In The Age of Anxiety

Parent University was developed in response to the need for programming to address the social and emotional needs of students in District 303. Over the last decade, the district has strived to provide information on topics that are relevant, timely, and beneficial for all parents and guardians.

October 29, 2020
Parenting The New Teen In The Age of Anxiety
6:00-7:30 p.m.
Dr. John Duffy, a nationally recognized expert in parenting for nearly twenty-five years, wrote this book as a guide for parents raising children who are growing up too quickly and, as a result, dealing with unresolved adolescent issues that can lead to anxiety and depression. Please indicate your interest in getting a copy of the book and event by filling out this form.

STC Learns!

The St. Charles Learning Equality and Resource Network's mission is to help St. Charles School District 303 students access equal learning and academic opportunities regardless of obstacles created by race, culture, primary language, financial circumstances, family situation, or personal hardship so that every student within the St. Charles School District has an equalized opportunity for academic achievement.

They help with tutoring, academic enrichment, childcare relief/student supervision, home study supplies, and other academic needs. Be sure to take a look at their website to learn more. We appreciate the work they do as a growing organization!

Illinois Tollway 2021 Map Cover Art Contest

This year we are marking the 10th year of our annual map cover art contest by recognizing the work of our Everyday Heroes. As Illinois and the nation continue to battle the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic, the Illinois Tollway is looking to recognize the Everyday Heroes that have kept our lives going through these challenging times through the artwork of talented students from across the region.

The contest will provide a venue for displaying young artist talents while also engaging students while raising awareness for the challenges brought on by the coronavirus and the everyday people – healthcare workers, delivery people, truckers hauling goods and supplies, teachers, employees at grocery stores and restaurants and many, many others who have stepped forward to become everyday heroes in our communities. Cover artwork should reflect the student’s perspective as it relates to their vision of the above theme.

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Com-Ed Bill Assistance Options:

At Com-Ed, we understand that some families may be experiencing financial hardship as a result of the ongoing pandemic. That is why we’re taking the time to let you know of the bill assistance options available to help those struggling with past-due balances.

CLICK HERE for letter from Com-Ed containing information on this topic.

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This is your chance to offer a shout out to one of our WMS staff members who has done something great, gone above and beyond the call of duty, or who has made a difference in your life (or your child's life). These will be added to our weekly newsletter to staff!


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