EMS Newsletter

May 28, 2021

Dear EMS Families,

It has been a busy spring as spring sports continue, the end of the 2020-21 school year approaches, and planning for the 2021-22 school year begins. Students, whether on-site or fully remote, are working hard at having a strong finish to the school year.

As we approach the end of the year, I want to share some important dates again:

Monday, May 31 = Memorial Day = No school.

Monday, June 7 = Afternoon parent conferences = Students dismissed from school at 11:30am.

Tuesday, June 8 = Afternoon parent conferences = Students dismissed from school at 11:30am.

Wednesday, June 9 = Parent conferences from 8-11:30am.

Friday, June 11 = The last day of school for 8th grade students.

Monday, June 14 = 6th and 7th grade students dismissed from school at 11:30am.

Monday, June 14 = Celebration of Learning for 8th grade students: 2:30-3:30pm. Two tickets will be allocated for each student. Families of 8th grade students will continue to receive information as we get closer to the date.

Tuesday, June 15 = The last day of school for 6th and 7th grade. Dismissal at 11:30am.

Tuesday, June 15 = Rain date for the Celebration of Learning if it is delayed due to weather conditions.

There is a higher level of energy in the building due to spring weather and the increased number of students on site. It has been a very, very good energy. Students are enjoying having more peers with respect to socialization and collaboration. The students are working hard and building relationships. With each change, I continue to be grateful. I am grateful for these amazing kids with whom we get to work each day. The kids bring their best, and we are so fortunate to have them.

Take care, and thank you.


Algebra Final and Recommendations for High School

The Algebra Seminar Final Exam is scheduled for June 2nd, 2021, at 8:30-10:30 & 11:00-1:00.

On that day (6/2/21):

  1. Students will return their textbooks in good condition (normal wear and tear is acceptable).

  2. Notes are not allowed on the test, but students may bring a 5x8 index card where they write down any formula they think could help them in the exam. The teacher will provide each student a blank index card a week before the exam.

  3. A day or two after the exam, the algebra teacher will make a final recommendation for high school, based on a grade of B+ in Algebra Seminar and 8th grade math as stated in the contract.

  4. Have a great summer.

Kim Hunt, Lea McDade, Pierre Charles

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Agency of Education Survey


The Vermont Agency of Education will send a survey on June 1, 2021. This survey is sent annually to all families who have students with disabilities in public schools. The survey is designed for parents to give input to the Agency of Education about their personal special education experiences with their school and district.

I am writing to you to encourage you to complete this survey to help us provide equitable and effective supports for your child(ren). The Agency of Education will not give Burlington School District your name.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your participation!


Laura Nugent, Ed.D., Director of Student Support Services, Burlington, VT (lnugent@bsdvt.org)

EMS Music Updates

Hello EMS Families!

Do you have an instrument that you need to return for the summer from EMS or Ellis Music? Please bring it to EMS the week of June 1st to have it returned. If you need more information please email Mr. Lambert at gflamber@bsdvt.org or Mr. Hakim at mhakim@bsdvt.org

Also, don't forget to have your students sign up for Performance Music in the Fall! We're building back the programs after over a year of remote classes. It's been awesome having our students creating in school again and we cannot wait until we have the groups back together in the Fall. It's going to be amazing! Click here for more info (The survey to sign up is on the last slide.)

Thanks and have a wonderful summer!

Mr. Lambert, Ms. Ott, and Mr. Hakim

Edmunds Literary Magazine

Check out The Edmunds Literary Magazine and explore the work of our many talented writers and artists. You should find this year's theme to be quite appropriate.

Thank you, EMS PTO! Without your support, this publication would not be possible. Thank you, Young Writers Project, for collaborating with us and for hosting The ELM!


The ELM Staff

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Be Above! Blue Ribbon Project ‘21

In April, Be Above recognized “Take Down Tobacco Day” by carrying out an Edmunds longstanding tradition, “The Blue Ribbon Project." Students from Be Above headed down to Church Street and tied blue ribbons with smoke free messages on all of the lampposts. These messages also included information for 802Quits:

"Considering quitting and need some support in doing so? 802Quits.org, 1-800-Quit-Now"

Take Care of You, Take Care of Me” Week

May 17th-May21st

During this week, Be Above invited our Edmunds Community to celebrate self care and the importance of caring for others by offering a number of activities throughout the week during Community Time: Musical Monday: “Hey Edmunds, Name That Tune”, Trivia Tuesday: School Wide Prevention Kahoot, and more.

Be Above also welcomed a guest speaker from COTS and kicked off an items raiser for COTS as well.

A Special Message to our entire Edmunds Community

Be Above is seeking the following donations for COTS:






Standard Size Sheets and Pillow Cases

Blankets of all sizes.

*All items must be brand new.

*Please send items in to school with your child.

Thanks so Much! - Be Above

Hello from the Health Office!

Tips for Tick Prevention:

  • Cover up your skin by wearing pants, long sleeves, and long socks. Tucking your pant legs into your socks and tucking your shirt into your pants can help keep ticks on off of your skin.
  • Apply an insect repellent that contains 20-30% DEET on exposed skin and clothing. Do not spray repellent on skin that is covered by clothing.
  • Apply permethrin to your clothes. Permethrin kills ticks on contact and remains protective through several washings. Do not use permethrin on skin.
  • Make sure the repellent you use is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Go to https://www.epa.gov/insect-repellents/find-insect-repellent-right-you to access an EPA tool for finding repellents.

Tick Disease Prevention Tips from Sojourns Community Health Clinic (2016, http://www.sojourns.org/blog/reformer-health-articles/tick-born-illness-in-vermont-urgency-noted.html#.WR8TSOvyuM9)

Prevention is the key to avoiding Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis or Babesiosis.

Remember: ticks are active over 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Avoid areas that are wooded or bushy with high grass, and leaf litter.
  • Wear long sleeves and pants that are light colored. Tuck pants into socks.
  • Conduct tick checks every night: remember your back, back of legs, groin, under arms and head.
  • Place clothes in the dryer for 15 minutes to kill ticks.
  • Check pets regularly for ticks.
  • Create a tick-free area in your yard:
  • Create dry non-wooded areas, as ticks thrive in wet wooded areas. Clear tall grass and leaves. Keep wood in dry areas. Prevent deer from entering yard. Use deer-resistant plants or Dial soap.
  • Most importantly, please remember to apply any insect repellent OVER your Sunscreen!
  • Sunscreen is not just a summer time product. New Englanders are the most prone group of Americans to get skin cancer. Don’t forget to put your sunscreen on and reapply as needed!

Sunscreen Within My Reach on the Beach

By Robert Pettit, 2012

I love my sunshine.

Summer sun rays feel so fine.

I get a nice tan

just from lying on the beach.

I need sunscreen within reach.

EMS Art Studio - Thinking Ahead

Hello EMS Community-

As we are winding down the year I am already thinking into the future - the 21-22 school year in particular.

A few things are on my mind...

1. I plan on painting an abstract color wheel across the top part of the curved wall in my classroom this summer. I would love some help. If you or your child(ren) are interested in helping, please let me know. It's been on my to do list for two years. We recently got approval, so I am moving forward with this fun project. It will most likely be a few hours a day for a few days in late June or early July.

2. I've created a wish list for the art studio on Amazon. These are supplies that would enrich the art studio and the art experiences of our students. I've never created a registry before, so I hope this works easily. If it doesn't please let me know. I have attached a link to the list below. If you feel inclined to purchase and donate any of these to the art studio that would be just fabulous! These are items that go above and beyond the art budget, but would add so much to the art experiences I create. And, yes, it's a little dreamy. But it's the end of the year and I am optimistic and already looking forward to planning some awesome opportunities for next year.

3. While you are enjoying your summer, keep in mind that we use a lot of recycled supplies in the art room. So you could collect things all summer long and send them in when school begins again. In particular I love getting donations of: magazines, newspapers, paper towel and toilet paper tubes, small plastic containers like from hummus or yogurt, quantities of odd items - such as wooden pieces, alphabet letters from old games, old game pieces, embroidery floss, beads, or other oddities in quantity (I teach many classes) that just might be a hit in an art room.

4. And finally - thanks so much for your always awesome and continued support. It has been such an ineffable year, yet one that I will treasure. The smaller class sizes were absolutely lovely to teach, and your middle school students created the best work I've ever seen in my career. I have loved teaching in this pandemic year- even with the unknowns, the anxieties, the unusual rules, and the strangeness that sat side by side with the hope and spirit of our middle school kids. We made it!

5. And lastly, I hope you encourage your kids to make art this summer!

Thanks so much for considering all of the above.

And here's the link to my wish list! https://www.amazon.com/registries/custom/9CVU7P4V7N3W/guest-view?ref=&fbclid=IwAR0PUq0anJc9bb7f6FdBZ5ziRN-pKdTXVNC-8PkIrKHcNwuAu4kykmjbPtg


Ms. Judy

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Edmunds Middle School is gearing up for summer break. While summer presents an opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine, we want our students to continue to find ways to learn while away from the classroom.

We have an exciting reading service available through Sora, the student reading app, which provides free 24/7 access to ebooks and audiobooks. What better way to engage your child’s mind than through reading?

From May 5 – August 20, 2021, the Sora Sweet Reads program will offer a collection of Juvenile and Young Adult titles that will be prominently displayed in Sora for quick and easy unlimited access. You can explore the title offerings and learn more about the program here: https://resources.overdrive.com/sora-sweet-reads/

How does it work?

Sora provides the quickest and easiest way to get started with digital titles from our school. Students can simply log in using school credentials and instantly access hundreds of ebooks and audiobooks on virtually any device. Get started today at https://soraapp.com or download the free Sora app for Android or iOS.

Go to https://soraapp.com/welcome and select Vermont Shared School Digital Collection - Edmunds Middle School. In the drop down menu select Burlington Public Schools. EMS students can easily log in using their school Google accounts.


Carole Renca, EMS Librarian

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Pre-Register your family now for the Summer Reading Challenge 2021:

Tails & Tales, sponsored by the Vermont Department of Libraries.

It's easy!!! Go to...


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Summer Expanded Learning

Dear Burlington and Winooski Families,

The Burlington School District, Sara Holbrook Community Center, and Winooski School District are excited to offer the 2021 Middle School Summer Program, free of charge, to all incoming 6th - 9th graders of the Burlington & Winooski School Districts.

Academic classes and enrichment programs will run Monday - Friday, June 28th - July 30th. There will be no program on Monday, July 5th, and no program for Winooski students on Friday, July 2nd. Registration is open now through Friday, June 11th. The registration link and full schedule are included below.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we are making several modifications to the program to increase safety protocols for our students and staff. We are adopting and instituting the State of Vermont Health Guidance for Childcare Programs, Summer Programs and Afterschool Programs that continues to be updated. In addition, we are altering the capacity, operations, and program offerings to further enhance our safety protocols.

School bus transportation to and from the program is available in a limited capacity. We look forward to your child joining us this summer!

2021 Burlington / Winooski Middle School Summer Program


Hunt Middle School: Gracie Harvey - gharvey@bsdvt.org

Edmunds Middle School: Laura Wageman - lwageman@bsdvt.org

Winooski Middle School: Suzanne Skaflestad - sskaflestad@wsdvt.org


  • June 28th - July 30th (No program on July 5th & no program for Winooski students on July 2nd)

  • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

  • Hunt Middle School, 1364 North Avenue, Burlington.


  • Masks are required for all students and staff unless lifted by both the State of VT and the Burlington School District

  • No shared common spaces will be open; no co-mingling of classrooms/spaces will occur

  • Students will remain with the same group for the duration of the program

  • Assigned seating and limited capacity on busses


Bus #1

Morning Bus - To go to HMS in the AM

8:30am Champlain Elementary School (front of school)

8:40am Edmunds Middle School (Union St. side)

8:50am Sustainability Academy (on N Champlain St side)

9:00am Arrive at HMS for breakfast

Afternoon Bus - Return to HMS for final pick-ups and drop-offs

3:30pm Drop off at Sustainability Academy (on N Champlain St)

3:40pm Drop off at Edmunds Middle School

3:50pm Drop off at Champlain Elementary

Bus #2

Morning Bus - To Go to HMS in the AM

8:20am Winooski Middle/High School

8:30am Salmon Run (at bus stop)

8:40am Integrated Arts Academy (in front on Archibald St)

8:50am Flynn Elementary School (in front of school)

9:00am Arrive at HMS for breakfast

Afternoon Bus - Return to HMS for final pick-ups and drop-offs

3:35pm Depart HMS

3:40pm Drop off at Flynn Elementary School (in front of school)

3:50pm Drop off at Integrated Arts Academy (in front on Archibald St)

4:00pm Drop off at Salmon Run (at bus stop)

4:10pm Drop off at Winooski Middle/High School


  • Due to strict health guidelines, we have adapted our model to allow students to register for ​one​ “Pod” of enrichment programs for the entire summer. Each pod contains an already-determined string of scheduled programs, and will contain the same small group of students and staff for the entire summer. Switching pods or any cross-pod interaction of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • Due to limited space, it is expected that registered students are able to attend all 5 weeks of program​, with priority registration given to those able to attend all 5 weeks. Due to our health guidelines, we are unable to fill an open spot if a student attends fewer than 5 weeks or only half-day.


  • Each academic class runs M - F for 5 weeks. Due to the cumulative nature of the curriculum, it is expected that students attend all 5 weeks and do not miss any class time.
  • Students who are registered for an academic class may sign up for and participate in an enrichment Pod for the second half of their day.

  • Space is limited to 12 students per academic class.




AM Academic Classes:

  • 6th Grade Math (June 28 - July 30, AM)
    This class is designed for current 6th graders who will be going into 7th grade in the fall. Students will work on strengthening fundamental 6th grade mathematical concepts. There will be a strong focus on skills needed for 7th grade math courses.

  • Geometry (June 28 - July 30, AM)
    This course is designed for students looking to increase the understanding of core concepts of geometry. Geometry is the study of the properties and relationships of angles, triangles, polygons, and circles. Sign up to gain valuable critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies!

  • English Enrichment Program (June 28 - July 30 AM)
    The English Enrichment Program (EEP), formerly known as New Arrivals, is a 5-week summer program to support students in learning English. This program is designed to minimize the summer slide in English proficiency. Licensed teachers create and teach a rich curriculum designed to strengthen English language skills while having fun and engaging in the summer. This allows teachers the chance to focus on teaching the content areas of literacy and math, as well as help students develop skills as lifelong language learners.

PM Academic Classes:

  • Math Exploration (June 28 - July 30, PM)
    This class makes connections between the math topics learned in middle school and the math topics that will be learned in high school. This is a great way to review and strengthen middle school math topics and get a preview of high school math topics. Appropriate for 8th graders going into algebra or geometry in 9th grade and advanced 7th graders with permission.

Enrichment Pods:

  • Crafts & Games (June 28 - July 30) 5 weeks
    In this camp you will learn new games to play with your friends and explore different types of art projects. Activities range from classic camp crafts and painting to strategy games and guitar lessons.

  • Maker (June 28 - July 30) 5 weeks
    Looking to stretch your creative muscles? Come build with us! Build remote control vehicles, make your own board games, learn pyrogragraphy, circuitry, woodworking, and more, in this engaging, STEAM-focused camp.

  • Basketball Camp (June 28 - July 30) 5 weeks
    If you enjoy basketball, this camp is for you! Join us for 5 weeks of games, drills, shooting contests, and all things basketball!

  • Sports Camp (June 28 - July 30) 5 weeks
    Join this Pod for an active mix of soccer, floor hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, Ultimate, and more!

  • Outdoor and Environment (June 28 - July 30) 5 weeks
    Calling all explorers! If being outside and exploring your environment sounds like your ideal summer, this camp is for you! Get active with us, explore Vermont State Parks, get to know the ecosystems around you, and have fun with creative science experiments!

  • Culinary Camp (June 28 - July 16) 3 weeks
    Chop, Mix, Sizzle and Bake - Around the Globe - in this 3-week camp! Students have the opportunity to learn the basics of what it takes to be a chef and baker from BTC Culinary Arts Instructor Cheryl Niedzwiecki. They will travel around the globe by experiencing different cuisines and baking pastries, cakes, and cookies. At the end of this camp, students will get to show their skills by creating a menu and presenting it to their families. Limit: 8 students.

NOTE: If your child has a food allergy or dietary restriction, please contact the directors to discuss accommodations.

  • Beta Masters (July 26 - July 30) 1 week
In this 1-week, full-day coding program, participants have 5 days to pitch, design and build a new Global Goals video game. Work in teams to develop an innovative issue-based game prototype—all with one goal in mind—securing seed investments from friends and family at Friday’s beta release party! Learn more at https://www.futuregenius.org/programs/beta-masters/. Participants may register for another Pod durings weeks 1-4 (June 28 - July 23). A minimum of 8 students must be registered for this program by June 11th in order for this camp to occur.

The dissemination of this material is intended to be of community service. Burlington School District does not endorse or sponsor this organization.

Vermont Technical College Summer Youth Camps are Back!

Boys Coder Camp - for campers who identify as boys entering grades 7-12

July 12-16, 2021 | 8:30 am-4:30 pm – Williston Campus

Work with Vermont Tech faculty to learn the basics of code in a supportive environment.

$175 includes all activities, lunch and snacks


Girls Coder Camp - for campers who identify as girls entering grades 7-12

July 26-30, 2021 | 8:30 am-4:30 pm - Williston Campus

Work with Vermont Tech faculty to learn the basics of code in a supportive environment.

$175 includes all activities, lunch and snacks