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JSD's Monthly Elementary Math Newsletter December 2022 ☃️

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  • The Power of Moments; Connection
  • UCTM Conference 2023
  • All PD offerings
  • The True Scale Multiplication Grid (provides sense-making for this common tool)
  • Why does it matter how we teach math facts?
  • Coaches' Corner
  • Quote of the Month
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Connection: Creating Shared Meaning

To create moments of connection, we bring students together for a synchronizing moment by inviting them to share in a purposeful and productive struggle. This can be as simple as working on a problem together. The important part is the struggle. We must allow students to struggle because we believe they can figure it out with the proper support and scaffolding from us, but without rescuing them - providing the answer because "they're never going to get it".

The Creators of the Building Fact Fluency kits are coming to Utah!

Click on flyer for more information

True Scale Multiplication Grid - link below

Why Does It Matter How We Teach Math Facts?

According to research, our traditional way of teaching math facts is not effective for many students, causing tremendous anxiety and lack of retention. Surprisingly, even students who are adept at math can have these same reactions.
If this is the case, then how should we teach math facts so that it is non-anxiety inducing and results in retention? Stay tuned and watch this space in future newsletters. Or reach out to your math specialists if you don't want to wait that long...

Coaches' Corner

Please reach out for any support you or your teachers need. We are always excited to help!
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Math Quote of the Month

What is mathematics? It is only a systematic effort of solving puzzles posed by nature. (Shakuntala Devi)