No act of Aloha

The overthrow of a nation of aloha and mana, is taken.


The Hawaiian Kingdom, with open arms, welcomed Americans into their home. But in return they were betrayed with the overthrow supported by President William Mckingly, Minister John L. Stevens, and President Benjamin Harrison. Violating the pledge that was made in 1843 by America that no one shall distrust Hawaiian sovereignty.

Historical Significance

The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdoms Queen, Liliuokalani, was unjust and immoral. Since she was only crowned if and only if Queen Liliuokalani was to follow the instructions given to her. Though her attempt to make things “pono” (good) again failed, her efforts will forever be remembered through songs that obtains “kaona”. This is a hidden meaning within Hawaiian songs. Songs from which had to be a secret due to the fear of the Americans possible actions. President William, Minister John L. Stevens, and President Benjamin Harrison whom supported the overthrow are why secrets must’ve been kept. Knowledge can go a long way, therefore understanding the reason why things led up to be the way they are in Hawaii. Will not only create you to have a different perspective of U.S or your values of your home, but also learn from their mistakes. If Hawaiians were to identify their possible motives, maybe then they wouldn’t have to be frightened and worried. But they were, and so now the descendants of Hawaiians will have a long term affect. For their ancestors has suffered, it is unsure to tell whether vengeance will be attempted.

Is Hawai'i legally and lawfully a State of the Union?

In my perspective, Hawai’i is not legally and lawfully a state of the union due to the fact that Kings and Queens were trick and betrayed from descendants of missionaries to only do things that will benefit Americans. In addition, since the overtake of Waikiki downtown was done unauthorized by an civilian and that the active president Grover Cleveland did not take actions even though the investigation done by Secretary James Blount said it was an act of war.

Supplemental Information

During the process of finding out whether the overthrow was immoral, Queen Liliuokalani was under house arrest. Exculded from the outside world and her people, Queen Liliuokalani spent her time creating music. The video above is what the Queen was put through.
Queens Prayer


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