A Troubled Peace

L.M. Elliott


A young adult named Henry Forestor was a pilot for the U.S. Air Force. And went to war in France. He was shot down in France and a little boy named Pierre finds him. This little boy saves his life. Then it is time for Henry to go and fight more so he leaves Pierre with a minister. Then when the war is over and Henry is in the United States he comes back and try's to find Pierre.

Historical information

The author relates to the war because he discribes the people in France poor, homeless, skinny, and other things. He discribes the buildings in France and the streets. They were knocked down and the streets were blown up from the bombs. He describe that ally ways have cardboard houses with little kids living in them. The kids are running around crying because they can't find there parents.


Henry learns his lesson when he loses Pierre and he knows it is hard to find people. Like he looks for Pierre and it takes him a long time. He had hard times and good times trying to find Pierre.

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