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Week of April 20

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John Hattie Follow-up

Thank you all for your attention, questions, and comments during the Fishbowl Friday on John Hattie's study! We got a lot of good feedback on presenting the research piece instead of quote "fluff" or "random strategies". If you are interested in looking into this research more on your own, check out this link which explains his research methods in more detail:

And here is a small piece of the top influences from all 138

(link to all 138: )

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Super Awesome Teachers

-Mrs. Erdbruegger is a MASTER questioner! I watched in awe as she flawlessly questioned her students through whole-group, individual, low- and high-level questions. It was amazing. If this is something you plan to work on in the future, go see her for a Learning Walk!

-I meant to mention this one weeks ago....Mr. Hernandez for using EdPuzzle! Seriously, it is so cool. You can upload your own videos or any that you find from YouTube, then insert questions throughout that students have to answer and submit through EdPuzzle. Mrs. Wadzeck mentioned it during her Fishbowl Friday on Flipped Classrooms, so talk to either of them if you are looking to integrate more technology!

-Speaking of Mrs. Wadzeck...we all know that students seemed particularly crazy last week. Freshmen were no exception. But the second Mrs. Wadzeck began her "ShowMe" on the quadratic formula, students were instantly paying attention and taking notes as she was free to walk around, monitor, answer individual questions, and make sure everyone was on-task. Super cool!

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Website of the Week: EdPuzzle!

Insert video! Make your own video! Crop a video! Add your voice, embed quiz questions throughout, and monitor student progress! I know Mr. Hernandez and Mrs. Wadzeck have used this before. Basically, you can insert a video (one from youtube, etc., or one that you created) and embed questions (MC or open-ended) and assign it to your class. I've had kids watch videos for class before, but I don't know that I have ever been able to do that, or crop to just the section I need.
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IC Feedback

Hopefully you received an email from me last week about a feedback form. This is nothing required by the district or school, and will not be seen by anyone by me, and is COMPLETELY anonymous. I would really appreciate your feedback and input so that I can begin planning for next year, including the August PD for the week before school starts. Thank you to everyone that has already replied, it is greatly appreciated!!!

Here is the link in case you can't locate it:

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Hope your week is awesome!! -Lauren