Al Capone Does My Shirt

This is a first book in a series made by Gennifer Choldenko.


This book is basically about a kid that lives on Alcatraz. His name is Moose and he is on Alcatraz because his dad got a job there as an electrician. Then he makes "friends" with the warden's daughter Piper. Then they get in a lot of trouble. Moose also has a little sister name Natalie that is a bit special..

Reasons to read

  • This book has a lot of cliffhangers. This makes the book interesting and fun.
  • Then the book has a nice don't put me down kind of feel. So if your reading you just don't want to stop.
  • The book it's a story that has a lot of history in it, but its still fun to read and not boring with the other elements.
  • The most interesting parts are the parts that make the books outline.


Alcatraz is a special place because thats where the worst criminals where held during the time of 1934 to 1963. This was during the Great Depression. Alcatraz was a huge rock with a prison, then had a big lake or river around it. So if the prisoner some how escaped the multimillion dollar prison. Then they would die from the water either from hypothermia or high rapids. Alcatraz shut down in 1963 because of financial reasons, and is know a museum.

Here are some Famous people of Alcatraz

Most Notorious Gangsters Imprisoned on Alcatraz