Calgary X Hall Pass

100 shows for $500 = #bestperkever

OK Calgary let's look at the some facts...

  • Work culture is extremely important in the modern work force
  • Perk programs are expensive
  • Fun & Affordable networking is seldom an option for JR employees
  • It's hard to attract & retain top talent in this city

That's why we created...


The annual music pass employee perk program that allows staff to go to 100 shows per year on their boss

Hall Pass Is...

  • Like the Skybox for the Jr. employee
  • A cost effective way to take out clients, prospects, and friends of your company
  • Supports work/life balance,
  • Is Exclusive to business

Why Hall Pass?

Hall Pass is bringing your team premium concerts at a rebate price. We are booking the best up and coming bands across North America and the UK to show your staff. Being part of Hall Pass will put your company on the cutting edge of culture as well as help contribute to a sustainable revenue model for emerging artists.

How does it work?

One Annual pass for 100 live shows

$500 Per Pass = $5 per show

Transferable to all of your employees on a day by day basis

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Show your staff some love & get your hallpass today