Principal Update

August 7th, 2020

Friday Greetings

Dear Families,

We are excited to begin a new school year in Digital Fashion. We experienced a lot of success in the spring as we quickly adapted to learning as we addressed the global pandemic. I am proud of the work that the district is engaging in to provide a robust experience for our students. Over the summer, various work teams have charged ahead with assessing the effectiveness of Digital Learning. In addition, the teams have worked to identify and address our shortcomings.

The next few weeks will be full of teacher and administration training. We will be connecting with families that need devices, and assessing the needs of families and staff for this season of Digital Learning as we finalize the master schedule. In the next communication, I will announce the date that parents will have access to their child's schedule.

That being said, the first two weeks of the year will be a soft start that will include lessons on Social Emotional Learning and the recent Black Lives Matter situation that we are all facing in our country. As that plan is finalized, it will be shared in detail with families. Thank you for your patience.

I would also like to share that we are continuing to complete our staffing for the school. At this time, I can share with you the new teaching staff that we are welcoming to Beaumont. The Beaumont staff members have worked with the Beaumont Administration to identify the best candidates for our open positions.

Staff New To Beaumont

Robbie Davis: Assistant Principal

Oscar Campos: Middle School Counselor

Jacob Jonas-Closs: English Language Arts Teacher

Dana Karki: Health

Kari Barios: Health

Rachel Aazzerah, currently a Math TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment with PPS) will work with the Beaumont team 8-10 hours a week as she completes her administrative licensure.

Returning Teachers:

Kaitlyn Good: 7th Grade Immersion (worked at Beaumont last year in a temporary position, and will return this year.)

John Lampus: Choir (This was a half time position last year, it is now full time)

As we meet with the parent leaders of the Beaumont PTA and the Beaumont Foundation to create a date of ways that you can get involved as a parent. We will share that as it becomes more solid. For Band and Choir events, Ms. Plank and Mr. Lampus are thinking of creative ways to showcase student talent to our community. Stay tuned for all that this will entail.

On a final note, as information becomes available, it will be shared with parents. I know that throughout the district various groups are proactively planning for the best case scenarios for our school communities.

Thank you for your patience. Have a wonderful weekend.


Harriette Vimegnon


Families can register new students by clicking the ENROLL button at

You can also get paper forms and submit supporting documents through the Enrollment and Transfer Center:, or 503-916-3205. Paper forms are available at seven food pantry sites throughout the summer: (list of sites available on the ETC Forms Page).

The message is available in supported languages on the ETC Forms Page, along with a registration FAQ for secretaries.

Have a great summer, and know that we will be here to help when you return in August.

Device Message From IT

Dear PPS families,

As we prepare to begin the 2020-21 school year all online until at least November, we understand there are concerns about computers and internet access. We want you to know that PPS is committed to helping families of students that need to borrow a computer and/or internet access.

Families should contact their student's school to express the need to borrow a computer, a mobile hotspot, or Comcast Internet Essentials subscription paid for by The Fund for PPS.

Computers will be delivered to schools and families will be able to pick up a computer from their student’s school. Please reach out to your school to find out about days and times to pick up a computer.

Dates To Know

September 2nd: First Day for 6th Graders and Students New to Beaumont

September 3rd: First Day for Returning Students

September 7th: Labor Day School Closed