Lord of the flies

By William Golding


The overall mood is depressing throughout the entire book the author sounds dark.There are a few happy moments but they are always covered up by wickedness.In the beginning of the book everyone is amazed at the island and they are happy to be there, but that wonder was covered up by the fact that piggy felt isolated because he was so much different than every one.Also when Simon was trying to be nice and gave piggy some meat,he got threatened by jack.Throughout the book you can always feel the presence of impending doom and terror.So that is why the color is dark grey to represent gloominess.


The theme of "Lord of the Flies" is that your circumstances sometimes change your reactions to certain situations. For example Ralph, Piggy, and Simon were the main characters with good morals and intentions. Piggy made things and did what he was told, Simon was overall nice and helpful, and Ralph was just trying to be a good leader throughout, so how they acted on the island was the same as if they were in civilization.But Jack did a complete change,he went from this civilized British choir boy to this over`all nasty, murdering, savage.

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Lord of the files is an amazing book that has been written by William Golding the famous Author and has been given a great review by the New York Times. Stephen King says that it is a "life changing book" and it is a story read and enjoyed by schools all over the country.Its about an epic struggle that a group of British boys go through when they find themselves stranded on an island with nothing but their wits and each other to survive.But life on the island changes the actions and thoughts of some of the boys ,then everything starts breaking up and start going wrong.Everyone is reading it, so don't be the only one who doesn't know the twisted,action packed, dark story that is, Lord of the flies.