Beata Bohman

Renowned Model and Budding Fashion Designer

Beata Bohman

Beata Bohman is starting out as a talented and driven fashion designer. Beata Bohman can remember knowing she wanted to be a fashion designer since she was six years old, a dream that she is now making a reality. Without a formal fashion design education, many people told Beata Bohman that it would be impossible for her to be a successful designer, but she has chosen not to listen. She is now bringing a lifetime of passion into her new fashion line.

Networking with Beata Bohman

Beata Bohman is an incredibly successful fashion designer. A former model, Beata Bohman traveled the world modeling the top fashions for the top designers, and learned a lot about the fashion world. She has used this knowledge of fashion from modeling and a global influence from traveling to found her own fashion line, Beata New York, named after her favorite city. Beata Bohman could not have done this alone, though. It was through a great amount of networking that Beata Bohman was able to get her line out into the world, make it a favorite of fashionistas everywhere.

Networking is incredibly important. For Beata Bohman networking allowed her to meet the right people in the fashion industry to help promote her designs. Knowing people in the know is incredibly important to finding work and opportunities. Building this connection with professionals helps to get your name out there. And not just your name, but your brand, as well. Knowing these people in the know meant Beata New York was already a hot topic before it had even released anything. Just talking about the brand to your network contacts gets the name out there immediately, as it reaches others and grows.

Networking can also be an incredible learning opportunity. People in the know are often in the know for a reason. Sure they can help you get established through connections, but they can also teach you how they got to such a position. Beata Bohman learned a lot about the fashion design industry just from talking to her network contacts.

Beata Bohman, A Charitable Person

Beata Bohman was raised from a young age to have compassion and respect for others. There are so many in need in the world, and Beata Bohman is looking to help out as much as she can. Beata Bohman is a hot new fashion designer and she has recently launched the Beat Bohman Fashion Line, which is already taking in a great deal of profits. Beata Bohman has already dedicated a great portion of these profits to charity.

Beata Bohman has already contributed a great deal to the organization Operation Smile. Beata New York has announced one hundred percent of the profits from the new Beata Bohman Scarf line will go to aiding Operation Smile. “They are one of my favorite organizations, they have done so much to help so many children,” says Beata Bohman. Operation Smile raises funds to for medical procedures. “These procedures help these kids in so many ways. Physically, they allow kids to live a more comfortable life. Emotionally, they give kids the confidence of a more normal life,”

Beata Bohman is now looking to aid the charity Techo. Of the many people in need, a great portion of them live in Latin America. Techo is a charity dedicated to helping Latin Americans uplift themselves. Tech builds houses and community programs for both adults and children in struggle in Latin America. As Beata New York continues to grow, and anticipates new fashion lines, Beat Bohman plans to donate a portion of her new profits to Techo. “I’ve wanted to get involved with Techo for a while now, but I think it would be great if Beata New York could help fund some of their projects,” Bohman says.

Tips for Visiting Bangkok's Fashion Fair with Beata Bohman

Beata Bohman is a noted world traveler. She has listed her favorite cities as New York, Rome, and Bangkok. Beata Bohman has an especial love for Bangkok as the center for Asian fashion. Beata Bohman is a noted fashion designer, and her fashion line, Beata New York is beloved by fashionistas everywhere. Beata Bohman has used her love for Asian culture to incorporate Asian flourishes into her designs. “I’ve always loved everything about Asia and feel that the country offers so much to creative professionals who value beauty and history,” Beata Bohman says. “The best part about being a fashion designer is the ability to gain inspiration from your environment which is then communicated through a unique design.”

Bangkok's Fashion Fair is the premier fashion event in Asia. It is the place to see up and coming talent from Asian designers, as well as the best from already established companies. The Bangkok Fashion Fair is not just one single event, but provides for a whole variety of shows to attend. Beata Bohman recommends attending as many different fashion shows as possible to get the whole range of new fashions from Asia. The diversity at the Bangkok Fashion fair is immense, and there is so much to see, it can be overwhelming, but it also results in an incredible experience, and for Beata Bohman only excites her creative ambitions. Bangkok's Fashion Fair is a great way to learn about new designs. The fair also provides fashion designing workshops, where professionals and amateurs alike can learn the ins and outs of fashion design. Beata Bohman herself has attended many of the workshops, learning much about the Asian approach to design.

Choosing the Right Fashion Accessories with Beata Bohman

The right fashion accessory can be essential to pulling together an outfit, and finding the perfect accessory can often be difficult. Beata Bohman is a fashion expert. Beata Bohman is a former model turned fashion designer, and has created expert fashion designs without any fashion design training. She has proved herself a natural at fashion design, launching her own Beata New York line, which is currently blowing up on the fashion scene. It is easy to say Beata Bohman knows fashion.

When choosing the right accessories it is of course important to have a color scheme in mind. It is well and fine to find the perfect fashion accessory, but if it doesn't match any of your clothes, you'll end up with a sore thumb of an accessory. This is tied in with knowing your own style. Of course there are many chic styles right now from hipster to fashionista to uptown punk to prep. It is important to build your own style, and know which style fits best for you. Once your own style is built, only buy accessories that fit in with this style. This makes shopping for accessories much simpler, but it also may mean turning down buying something amazing because it does not fit in with your chosen style. It can be very tempting to buy any accessory that catches your eye, but Beata Bohman reminds fashionistas not to go overboard. Less can often be more. While sticking to you own chosen style, remember to stay light on your accessories. Too many to result in a clunky look. A minimalist approach to accessories can bring out your outfit, while still keeping you chic.

Beata Bohman’s Top Materials for Scarves

Beata Bohman is a new fashion designer currently developing a new line of scarves. She has traveled all over the world, from country to country, searching for the highest quality materials and trendy designs. In her search, Beata Bohman has learned a lot. Here she would like share with you some of her favorite materials for scarves. Some of these will be a part of her new line, and others could be part of future clothing lines.


Beata Bohman is a big fan of cashmere scarves. Cashmere is known for its soft touch, lightweight, and beautiful appearance. Cashmere is harvested from the wool of cashmere goats, found primarily in China and Australia. Beata Bohman notes that cashmere gets softer over time, something that makes the material so sought after.


Silk is a staple material of scarves, but something Beata Bohman loves nonetheless. She likes silk for its lightweight and shiny appearance. Silk is harvested from the larvae cocoons of mulberry silk worms, an insect found all over the world.


This is the heaviest and most durable of the three materials listed, and that is one of the reasons Beata Bohman enjoys using it. Wool scarves are particularly popular in the late fall and winter. Because the material is so durable, Beata Bohman points out that wool scarves can last for years.

Beata Bohman works with dozens of other materials, but these three are some of her favorites. Each material offers different benefits, and she enjoys experimenting around with new designs for each.

Beata Bohman on Maintaining Long Distance Friendships

With the development of technology, maintaining long distance friendships has never been easier. Yet many people still find it unnecessarily difficult. Beata Bohman has lived in fifteen different countries throughout her life, and naturally she has developed relationships in each place. Because she is constantly moving, Beata Bohman has to carry on many of her friendships from a distance. Beata Bohman would like to give those of you with long distance friendships a few tips on properly maintaining them.

(1) Communicate!

This sounds simple, yet a lack of communication is the reason for the deterioration of so many relationships. Technology has given people a wide variety of options to communicate. Beata Bohman is a huge fan of Skype, a program she uses on a daily basis. Video calling gives Beata Bohman the ability to physically see her friends, something that fosters a healthy connection. Other methods of communication include phone, text, instant messaging, and email.

(2) Visit!

Beata Bohman schedules out specific times to visit her friends. Because she travels so much, Beata Bohman often stops in places where she has friends. This quality face-to-face time is a necessity for ongoing relationships.

(3) Accept change!

No matter how hard you may try, Beata Bohman warns you that friendships will inevitably change when distance comes in between. Whether this change is good or bad can almost always be a choice. Beata Bohman chooses to not let change hurt her friendships; rather she lets it strengthen them. Have an open mindset with change, it can be exciting!

Beata Bohman’s Three Don’ts of Air Travel

As a new fashion designer, Beata Bohman spends a lot of time traveling across the globe. She has lived in some fifteen different countries, and traveled to many more. Throughout her career she has developed a keen sense of the do’s and don’ts of air travel. What follows are the two biggest “don’ts” of business air travel, courtesy of Beata Bohman.

(1) Do Not Check in at the Airport

This may sound odd at first, but Beata Bohman never checks in at the actual airport. Beata Bohman always checks in online, prior to arriving. Airports can be extremely unreliable, and in a time crunch you never want to be at the mercy of long lines and faulty computers. Almost every major airline has now gone to some form of ‘online-check-in,’ a way to electronically notify the airline you will be flying with them. So, Beata Bohman warns you to eliminate unnecessary time by never checking in at the physical airport. Only use this as a backup plan for extenuating circumstances.

(2) Never Check a Bag

If at all possible, Beata Bohman does not check a bag. Most airlines allow you to bring two carry-ons, provided they fit their size regulations, and Beata Bohman takes full advantage of this. Checking bags means unnecessary risk. If you carry all of your luggage on board with you, you save time once you land. Finding your belongings in baggage claim can add an extra 30-45 minutes to your schedule, time that could be efficiently spent elsewhere.

Beata Bohman on Working as an Independent Contractor

In the world of modeling, work often times comes in periods. Long-term contracts are hard to come by, and many models spend their careers developing relationships with agencies as independent contractors. New fashion designer Beata Bohman spent the first part of her career as a model, and she found independent contracting work to be her best option for success. Beata Bohman would like to give people considering independent contracting work a few tips on how to manage their time.

Beata Bohman warns that independent contracting is not for everyone, but in some industries it can be quite necessary. If you are pursuing a job as an independent contractor, know that staying organized is important. Beata Bohman always kept an ‘organizing planner’ with her at all times. She would use this to write down all of her appointments, records, and schedules. As an independent contractor you are almost always required to track all of your hours, expenses, and work, so finding an organized space to do this is important.

Beata Bohman found networking to be a huge factor in finding work as an independent contractor. When she did a job well for one company, Beata Bohman would often ask for referrals to other agencies. She quickly discovered that success breeds success.

Keeping a flexible schedule is always important for independent contractors. Work can be few and far between at times, so you always want to take what you can get. Beata Bohman believes in never turning down a job opportunity, unless it conflicts with another one. In that case you should seek to reschedule one of the two.

Beata Bohman on Making Good First Impressions

In the world of business, making good first impressions is important. Beata Bohman finds this to be particularly true in the world of fashion, a field in which who you know is the most important factor to success. Beata Bohman is a new fashion designer with a track record of achievements, and she would like to give a few pointers on developing good first impressions.

(1) Give a Firm Handshake

You have probably heard that a firm handshake tells you a lot about a person, and Beata Bohman strongly believes this to be true. A weak handshake often points to submission, while a firm handshake is connected with authority. Beata Bohman suggests people spend time practicing a handshake that commands respect.

(2) Look People in the Eye

Beata Bohman finds it hard to work with people that don’t look her in the eye. People who avoid eye contact are often associated with dishonesty. When you maintain strong eye contact, you are telling the other person that you are focused on the conversation at hand. Beata Bohman uses eye contact to communicate interest and care.

(3) Smile

This one is simple, but often overlooked. Contrary to what some people may believe, smiling does not make you appear weak. Beata Bohman finds that smiling is an easy way to show personality. It is often times hard to show personality in business talks, but smiling gives a person the ability to lighten the mood a bit. Beata Bohman warns that you must be careful with your timing though, as a smile at the wrong time can show disrespect.

Loved Ones Important to Beata Bohman

In times of trouble, Beata Bohman wants people to know that they should seek solace in their friends and loved ones. She is a firm believer that strong interpersonal relationships can help lighten the burdens we carry with us.

Beata Bohman is a new fashion designer who spends time traveling all over the world to work on her designs. Prior to her career in design, Beata Bohman spent many years modeling lingerie, swimwear, and accessories. Modeling was her life, until she learned that there are more important things.

This revelation came a few years ago when Beata Bohman became very sick. The sickness all but ended her modeling career, something she had found great success in. Beata Bohman had to undergo a very serious operation, and while she is now fully recovered, she will never forget how difficult that time was for her. She knows that she never would have survived without help from her friends, something that has reprioritized her life.

Beata Bohman still spends a great deal of time focusing on her career, but she has learned to shift some of that focus to an appreciation for her loved ones. Learning how to allow people into your personal life can be tough, but once you take down walls of pride you can begin to find relief. Friends and family are meant to help you cope with difficult situations, but many people don’t allow their friends close enough to help. Beata Bohman has reached a point in her life where she is not afraid to be vulnerable, and she has found the results to be relieving.

Beata Bohman on the Benefits of Traveling

Beata Bohman has had the opportunity to travel a lot during her lifetime, and in doing so has found these experiences have taught her more than anything else she has ever been a part of. That is why Beata Bohman always tells people to travel the world. If you are able, Beata Bohman encourages you to travel for the many benefits, including the following:

The cultural education that traveling provides is irreplaceable. Every time Beata Bohman steps into a new country or culture, she finds herself learning more about the world she lives in. There is something to be said for hands on learning, and that is exactly what traveling is. Beata Bohman spent years learning facts and figures in textbooks, but it was not until her first trip away from home that she realized the books had done no justice to real life.

Traveling has the ability to inspire people. Many of great artists and musicians have found their inspiration through traveling to breath-taking destinations, so what is out there waiting to inspire you? Beata Bohman, a fashion designer, regularly finds things that inspire her designs, things she would not have discovered in the comforts of her home.

One of the biggest benefits of traveling, at least to Beata Bohman, is the opportunity to build relationships. Beata Bohman has friends in some fifteen plus countries, something the majority of the population cannot say. Beata Bohman has met some of her greatest friends through traveling, friendships that have taught her countless lessons.

Traveling teaches us to be appreciative. To Beata Bohman, travel allows us to realize what is going on around the world. It opens our eyes to poverty, for example. Through travel, we learn to appreciate everything we are blessed with.

How to Become a Model with Beata Bohman

The world of fashion and modeling is extremely competitive and challenging, yet is a field in which many people find financial success and enjoyment. Beata Bohman has spent the majority of her working life in fashion as a model. She has spent time modeling lingerie, swimwear, and accessories for a wide variety of companies, including the world renowned Nina Ricci and Piaget. While Beata Bohman now spends time designing her own new fashion line, she always enjoys helping younger people get into the field of modeling. Here are a couple of important steps in the process of reaching your goal of becoming a professional model, courtesy of Beata Bohman.

(1) Respect your Image

While there is more to modeling than just looks, it is vitally important to take care of your body. It is almost impossible to be a successful model without having the looks agencies are looking for. Beata Bohman notes that strict exercise regiments, healthy diets, and a peaceful mental state are all important ingredients to a good physical image. Beata Bohman prefers to cook her own meals and spends regular time at the gym working on a healthy figure.

(2) Become Educated

Beata Bohman always stresses the idea that you cannot go into the fashion world without at least knowing about the way it works. There are thousands of books and online resources that help explain what it takes to become a model. Beata Bohman notes that there is plenty to be learned about the business and nobody should jump in blind.

Beata Bohman Believes in Supporting Charities

Beata Bohman has a heart for helping others in less fortunate circumstances than her. She is a firm believer in the idea of community, and one practical way she plans to support this is through financial contributions to charities. Beata Bohman will be specifically involved with two different organizations, both of which she would like to share a little about.

The first organization Beata Bohman will support is called Operation Smile. Operation smile is a global charity focused on helping treat children with facial deformities, including cleft lips and cleft palates. The organization was founded in 1982 by a man named William Magee, and Beata Bohman has been following them for years. Operation Smile is based out of Norfolk, Virginia and spends millions of dollars each year to help fix these facial deformities. Beata Bohman notes that there are a variety of ways to get involved with the organization, even for those not financially capable of giving. In addition to donating, people can become medical volunteers, join the student youth program, or raise awareness with some of the teacher resources they have available.

The second organization Beata Bohman will be heavily involved with is Techo. Techo is a nonprofit organization that gives youth volunteers the needed resources to combat poverty in Latin America. The main way Techo does this is through building housing for poor communities. In addition, Techo builds programs designed to strengthen the communities they work in. Beata Bohman plans to give some of the profits from her new fashion line to this organization, and the cause is very near and dear to her heart.

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Beata Bohman, the budding fashion designer and former model, has a big heart for helping others. Beata Bohman especially has a desire to help children in need. She is planning to donate a portion of her profits from her new fashion line to charities. Many of the charities Beata Bohman supports are geared towards helping children who are less fortunate than others. In a world of greed, Beata Bohman is a very selfless and generous woman.