Real World Math

Week 1


This week we are learning how to interpret the products of whole numbers by using multiplication in real world scenarios. After this lesson, your student will be able to successfully apply multiplication to real world objects.


  1. Student will be able to identify and implement multiplication in real world scenarios

  2. Student will be able to describe a situation where groups of objects can be expressed as a multiplication expression. (Ex. Suzanne read 4 pages of a book each day for 6 days. This situation can be expressed as the equation 4 x 6 = 24, so we can say that Suzanne read a total of 24 pages)

  3. Student will be able to generate a multiplication expression from a given real world scenario

Real World Math Introduction

Lesson Plan

  • Participate in this week's lesson's google slides, presented in the QR code below
  • Use what you learned in your own home environment
  • Join your class's zoom call to share how you used your knowledge at home

This Week's Lesson Plan

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