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Production of Potatos

Idaho is the largest potato producing state in the U.S, they plants about 400,000 acres of potatoes.

soil and climate

Soil- potatoes can be grown almost on any type of soil except for saline and alkaline soils. loose soils are best for the growing of potatoes because the soil then allows the tubers to enlarge easier.
Climate- growing season for potatoes the weather is moderately cool, the best temperature for vegetative growth of the plant is 24 degrees Celsius and the tuber development is best at 20 degrees Celsius.

Potato growing stages

Growth Stage 1- ( Sprout Development) begins with sprouts developing from the eyes and ends at emergence from soil.
Growth Stage 2-( Vegetative Growth) All vegetative parts of the plant( as in the leaves and roots) are formed.
Growth Stage 3- (Tuber set- initiation) tubers are forming at the tips but they aren't enlarging yet.
Growth Stage 4- ( Tuber Bulking) Tuber cells expand with the amout of water, nutrients and carbohydrates that it collects.
Growth Stage 5- (Maturation) vines turn yellow and loose there leaves, tuber rate slows and vines die.

Harvesting Potatoes

The machines that harvest the potatoes are called potato harvesters, they harvest by lifting the potatoes from the bed using a share, then the soil and the crop are transfered into a group of webs where the loose soil and crop where the soil gets taken out of the machine. the potatoes are then moved toward the back of the harvester on to a separation unit.


The 2 most common pest that deal with potatoes are
- Aphids- they damage the potato by weakening and stunting the plant reducing yields.
-Flea Beetles- they feed on the root system and also on the tubers.

Uses of Potatos

- French Fries
- Chips
- Mashed potatoes
- Hashbrowns
- and some deserts