Inquiry and Technology

Using Tech to Enhance the Inquiry Process

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Christ-Centered 21st Century Pedagogies

Flipped Classroom:

A teacher asks the students to read an article or watch a short video and then presents them with questions the following day in class.

Collaborative spaces:

A teacher asks students to brainstorm ideas or discuss a particular topic through a collaboration tools such as D2L or O365.

Documentation of student learning:

A teacher asks students to prepare a short video clip or a collage of pictures that best represent a particular topic.

Critical Thinking:

Have students apply digital citizenship strategies by analyzing online resources, researching, constructing and sharing knowledge by communicating their findings and reflections in collaborative spaces or digital portfolios .


Have students document their journey throughout an inquiry highlighting strategies and tools used for the different stages of the inquiry process.

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Padlet is a unique multimedia digital bulletin board, a great way tool for knowledge building.
Mindomo Link

Mindomo is a multimedia mind mapping tool that has collaboration features.

Holt Graphic Organizers

Help students organize and analyze with digital graphic organizers.