Damian Jordan

Hello! Nice to Meet you!

Who are you...?

My name is Damian Jordan. I am a divorced mother of five children. My three older children are over 18 and then I started over again and gave birth to my five year old twin daughters. They just started Kindergarten and it is so bittersweet! They are my inspiration and my reason for going back to school as well as my career choice.

The three big kids now the two little ones… Kaitlyn and Rowan

Craniosynostosis and Chromosome 22q.11

Kaitlyn was born with situational Craniosynostosis. She was one of two large twins in a very small mother. She and her sister were tested and it was discovered they both have Chromosome 22q.11 microduplication. They both fight developmental disorders and they have thrown me headfirst into the deep end of early childhood education.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I am currently working on a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. The ending goal to become an elementary school teacher such as a Preschool, or Kindergarten teacher, or a Special Education Therapist for infants and young children. I have been on the Dean’s List since I started going to college, and have no plans of ever leaving it.