Mrs. Morrow's 2nd Grade Camp

16 September 2016

Important Dates

TODAY-Mid-Terms GO HOME TODAY! Check your child's backpack or folder to find your child's mid-term!

9/30-Awards Assembly

9/30-I will be out all day-I will check my email throughout the day if you need anything!

10/03-I will be out all day-I will check my email throughout the day if you need anything!

Bonus Homework

Thank you so much to all who have participated in Bonus Homework! I will continue to do this throughout the year! I have had a lot of students ask me for some extra work at home and this is how Bonus Homework developed! This is not required! If you would like to take a picture of your child's work and post it to Seesaw, that would be awesome.

Box Tops

Please remember to send in as many Box Tops as you can find! Thank you so much to those who have already sent in Box Tops!

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Mid-Term Reminders

Please remember to sign and return your child's Mid-Term next week. I will send home copies of the mid-terms and they will post their mid-terms to Seesaw next week.

Learning Objectives!


I can describe the beginning, middle, and end of a story.


I can use base ten blocks to make numbers.

I can write and read number words.

I can skip count by 2s, 5s and 10s.

I can fluently practice addition facts.


I can capitalize the beginning of a sentence.

I can add punctuation at the end of a sentence.


I can write a personal narrative.


I can describe the life cycle of a frog.

I can describe the differences of parents and their offspring.

Character Trait of the Month-Respect

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Count by 2s Song-Please work on this skill with your child! We need extra work on this!

Counting By Twos Song Video

Good Resource for kid's games and activities!

This is a good game to play to practice Base Ten Blocks/Place Value!