A Glowing Stones March Incentive!

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Join the #QUADSQUAD by booking and holding 4 trunk shows in March - and/or sponsoring TWO new Stylists!

Let's rev it up together by the best, simple action- BOOKING TRUNK SHOWS and having ROCKING TRUNK SHOWS!

Here's your simple incentive!

BOOK & hold 4 TRUNK SHOWS ($500+ in retail) in MARCH: WIN!


Over-achiever? DO BOTH of the above: WIN 2x!

GRAND PRIZE-- #glowgetter TEAM T-SHIRT!!!!

(Image to come...but they are going to be CUTE and perfect to wear AS A TEAM at HOOPLA!)

What other goodies can you win besides loading up your own blue card?

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL book 4 shows by March 4th to get entered one of 4 things drawn

  • Starbucks: get yo' self a 4x (quad) shot.
  • Julep nail polishes: free of the bad stuff and you can paint all 10 nails - not just 4.
  • Hanky Panky: the best undies out there...maybe 4play?! (haha)
  • NEW March Capsule collection piece: what are you hoping 4?

That's it. Now here's the fun part.

When you book 4 (no matter when it is) post a picture on our GLOWING STONES FACEBOOK PAGE
(LINK HERE) with something showing 4..and that you got 4 booked. Here's some examples of teammates who already have 4 booked. Get creative, have fun! Hashtag it #QUADSQUAD

Book 4 by March 4th enter to win 4 prizes... Starbucks, Julep nail polish, Hanky Panky and NEW jewels!

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