May Your May Be Healthy

And Your Pollen Count Be Dropping!

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Pollen. Rain. Pollen. Pollen. Rain. More pollen.

I feel like I need to have one of those backpack sprayers to just mist lemon, lavender, and peppermint on all the folks ridden with seasonal threats! I was able to go camping this weekend, all with the help of those three oils in a rollerball and also in the TriEase softgel. I also applied the Breathe Vapor Stick at night, and to my daughter whose seasonal threats present in a cough. That doesn't sound like that big of a deal unless you know that pollen, trees, grasses, ragweed, campfire smoke, mold, etc. are all huge triggers for she and I both. Even the dust from the dirt road would have exacerbated my sinuses terribly. I applied often throughout the day, and if my ears felt stopped up, I applied lavender and melaleuca to the bone behind them. It's really this simple: consistent and proactive EO use for me= camping in a tent and returning to work Monday. Wouldn't have happened before. Not to mention the quality of my adventure was maximized whereas before I would have been.... well, miserable. If you're finding yourself getting sick and THEN asking what you should have done, please change your mindset. If you have any questions, just ask! That is what us fellow oilers are for. That means that whoever enrolled you, as well as me (and just about any other helpful oiler on Facebook) will be glad to help guide you through this journey. And please know that there is a learning curve, and we ALL need our resources to help us. I use my Modern Essentials book all the time! Plus, please know you can contact me anytime. My contact info is at the bottom of the newsletter. And, get to classes if you can! I'm teaching EO's and the Great Outdoors on the 9th in Abingdon. Here is the link to register!
Classes and webinars are crucial to your success for using your essential oils to their max! Keep an eye out because I will offer this one as a webinar soon as well!
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