Nuclear Fusion

By: Sydney Gray


I am Sydney Gray. My lab (C.O.M.MA.) and I have invented a way to use nuclear fusion as an energy source.

Fusion vs. Fission?

In the past, Nuclear Fusion was only used by the Sun; But not now. We have harnessed the power of nature to produce energy from Nuclear Fusion. Compared to Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Fission is a very bad alternative. Nuclear Fission emits mass amounts of nuclear waste and is used to drive the explosions of nuclear weapons. Nuclear Fusion is the process of two or more atoms moving really fast and forming together to form one nucleus. Our scientists have found a way to harness that energy to make our own energy.
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All methods that we use to make Nuclear Fusion Energy is safer than current methods that are used to produce Nuclear Fission Energy. There is also less Radioactive waste from Nuclear Fusion than there is with Nuclear Fission. We are very aware of the risk of something going wrong so we have scientists around the clock monitoring the new generator. Along with all these precautions, Nuclear Fusion has the potential to produce mass amounts of energy at a time.

Economic Impact?

To start off Nuclear Fusion Energy will be very expensive to produce, but what renewable resource isn't expensive at first? The more people that get involved in buying and manufacturing Nuclear Fusion Energy the faster the price will drop.

The future holds everything for Nuclear Energy. Our studies can only get better from here!