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October 2, 2022

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At Seawell We Value All...We Are Committed to All...Believe in All...and Lead with the Heart!!!

Greetings Seawell Seahawk Families,

First, it is my hope that this communication finds everyone doing well; fully powered, warm and dry. Please keep the communities impacted by Hurricane Ian in your thoughts as the aftereffects of Ian are truly taking a toll. As this storm season commences, please keep the following in mind in regard to navigating our campus both prior to and after severe weather:

  • Seawell's campus consists of about 15 different buildings of which most students navigate at least 1-2 daily
  • No matter what, a child must travel outside for some part of their school day and need to be dressed appropriately with the cool and ever-changing weather
  • Please be sure to either dress your child in layers or ensure that they have access to a jacket/appropriate shoes to keep them warm and safe during activities like transitions and/or recess

We had an awesome turnout for our 2022-23 Open House and sincerely appreciate every parent/grandparent/guardian and family friend for their attendance and support!!! Some of our presentations from the night can be found in the classroom section of this newsletter. During our PTA meeting we learned about multiple opportunities to support our school, including volunteering for our vacant PTA president position. Please consider helping our school in this way.

Additional updates from the principal include the following:

  • Various natural areas have been cleaned and rejuvenated thanks to our district maintenance support - Mr. Antonio
  • Old Pre-K playground (behind the K-1pods) has been cleaned and refreshed with more work to come in the near future

Hispanic Heritage Month

You’re invited! National Hispanic Heritage Month Community Celebration: As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, please join us for our Community Celebration!

  • When: Friday, Oct. 14, 5-7 p.m.
  • Where: Carrboro Town Commons
  • What: Join us for a cultural celebration featuring music, food trucks, dancing, crafts, and more!
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News from the PTA

  • Join the PTA for just $10 per person or sponsor a Seawell teacher or staff member for only $5 by clicking on the MemberHub link. As a PTA member there is no obligation to attend the PTA meetings or volunteer. We welcome other family members too, such as grandparents, to become PTA members, too!

  • Volunteer with the PTA! There are several vacant positions, including PTA president. If interested in volunteering with the PTA, please send an email to

  • Sign up for Family Portraits! Please use this link here to sign up for a family portrait taken by local photographer Trevor Holman on October 8 and 9, 2022. Trevor will donate 50% of the proceeds directly to the Seawell PTA, so don't miss this opportunity to contribute to our school while creating family memories!

  • Math Olympiads will be back in Seawell! (4th and 5th graders are eligible)

For details, please read this: LINK. If you are interested, please complete registration by October 10, 2022. (Please note we will be progressing with this program only if there are sufficient interested participants and volunteers).

Participant Signup

Parent Volunteer Signup

  • Family Night on the Town. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the first Family Night on the Town at YoPop Frozen Yogurt. Our friends at YoPop have generously donated proceeds to the Seawell PTA. We appreciate their kindness and generosity and look forward to future events at YoPop.The October Seawell Family Night on the Town is scheduled for Wednesday, October 12 at Coronato Pizza (101 Two Hills Rd., #140, Carrboro). Our friends at Coronato recommend that guests pre-order for take-out or make reservations when dining in if possible. We are looking forward to partnering with Coronato Pizza for this event.

  • LIKE the Seawell PTA Facebook page.

  • LINK your Harris Teeter VIC Card online or at the cashier to enter school code #2543 the next time you shop.

SES COVID-19 Cases

Seawell had 3 positive COVID-19 cases during the week of September 26-30.

COVID-19 Test Kits: COVID-19 test kits were sent home with students on Wednesday, September 28. School nurses have received COVID-19 Home Test Kits from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) to distribute one box (2 test kits each) to every staff member and student. These test kits can be used for routine, symptomatic, or exposure testing.

Families, please be sure to follow the following guidelines :

  • Masks: In general, CHCCS remains a mask-recommended, but optional district. Masks continue to be provided for students and staff upon request. Exceptions to this protocol are outlined on our website as well as the below paragraph about COVID-19 positive staff/students.
    • Also: Schools will no longer require masking in the entire building when there are clusters of 5+ positive cases in a small group or a cumulative total of 15+ positive cases in a school. More on this below.
  • Symptomatic Staff/Students - Will be required to provide*:
    • A negative PCR COVID-19 test, or
    • 2 negative Antigen (Rapid) tests separated 24 hours apart in order to return to work/school, or
    • An alternative diagnosis from a primary care provider.
    • *This is not for individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. This is to prove that the COVID-like symptoms being experienced are not COVID-19. Individuals who choose not to test for COVID-19 or get an alternative diagnosis from their primary care provider are required to follow the COVID-19 positive staff/students guidance.
  • COVID-19 positive Staff/Students - Must quarantine for 5 days and can return on day 6 as long as they are free of vomiting, diarrhea, and fever without the use of medication and all COVID-19 like symptoms are improving (they do not need to be resolved). The individual needs to continue to wear a mask at work/school while indoors for an additional 5 days after returning. Please contact your school nurse for additional information and guidance on returning to work/school.
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Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

October 3

  • Progress Reports will be sent out

October 5

  • Teacher Workday

October 6

October 12
  • International Walk to School Day, observed in CHCCS on Oct. 12 (due to teacher workday on Oct. 5)

October 14

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month Community Celebration@Carrboro Town Commons 5-7pm

October 28

  • End of the Quarter

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

Did you know the resources available for families related to children with a disability?

Additional Information

  • Special Needs Advisory Council (SNAC) website linked here

  • Ms. Lindsay Guge Cozon is our representative

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Classroom Corner - Open House Presentations; just in case you missed it:)

Open House Presentations:

Seawell Exceptional Children's Department

Gifted Services Information

Kindergarten Open House Presentation

First Grade Open House Presentation

Third Grade Open House Presentation

Fifth Grade Open House Presentation

Fifth Grade LEAP Open House Presentation

We’re hiring! CHCCS is hiring for a wide variety of available positions including Exceptional Children (EC), dual language, math and science teachers…plus bus drivers, facilities, maintenance and IT staff. Know someone who wants to join the CHCCS team? Please help us by using your networks on LinkedIn to share our posts and spread the word! Note that Seawell is still searching for:

  • One full time EC resource teacher
  • Fourth Grade LEAP teacher
  • Fifth Grade LEAP teacher
  • Instructional Assistants

Afternoon Dismissal:Cones System


  • Please note that we will now operate utilizing a cone system to better designate advancing cars for student afternoon pickup
  • There will be six numbered/colored cones and request that parents pull up to the farthest empty cone during afternoon pickup (Staff members will guide you)
  • Also, due to the varied student release times - please use your left signal to alert drivers behind you that you are pulling out of the line after your child has been loaded

The biggest change is that you will now be directed to pull to the next empty cone for pickup versus having to go to the very top of the pickup line. If your child is already loaded and the car in front of you is still waiting; you will use your left signal and proceed to exit the line instead of waiting for the car in front to load/leave.

We appreciate your patience in advance as we work to make our systems more efficient, while still keeping students and families safe.


Please call Seawell at 919.967.4343 ext 33201 or email to report absences and tardies.

Educational leave for students must be requested at least ten days in advance utilizing this form.