The Quest of A Toy Lover

W Murphy

About me

Hello, welcome to my portfolio! My name is William Murphy, i am 16 years old and I'm a toy enthusiast. I spend allot of my free time playing with toys, old video games or anything else that gives off the feeling of nostalgia! This portfolio contains all my writings for my English class. Enjoy!

But Why?

"For what reason would you make a portfolio"? The reason I am making a portfolio is to have a list of all the work I accomplished for my English class. The portfolio will be a capturing and record of past writings. this will let me recap what I've done and remember.

6 Word Memoir

William Murphy

All My broken Dreams Are Recyclable

Yoyos are love. Yoyos are Life.

Sun/Shadow sentences

“I am like the ant because I am weak.

“Inwardly, I am like the __jaguar____ because I am strong.”

“I am like the sunflower because I am usual.

“Inwardly, I am like the __oak tree because I am bold.”

“I am like the octagon because I conform.

“Inwardly, I am like the cresent because I am non-conforming.”

I am like the #10 because I’m basic.

“Inwardly, I am like the number 3.148549

Because I am technical.

I am like the obsidian because I’m fragile.

“Inwardly, I am like the diamond because I am sturdy”.

I am like the leaves because I’m light.

“Inwardly, I am like the stone because I am heavy.”

I am like the color white because I’m pale.

“Inwardly, I am like the color crimson because I am bold

quote and response

What we see depends on what we look for

Stop signs, cars, buildings, trash cans.

Romeo and juliets.

Persuasive essay reflection

I think my weakness in my persuasive essay was how i rambled on around the end. The reason i rambled was mostly how much time I had and how much my brain wasn't helping. The assignment helped me think on the spot but it wasn't my favorite assignment. I don't think i would change the assignment. that's all I can say for now.

Bio poem

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Reflection on school uniform essay

I need to fix my grammar and diction, I think I got my format correct. The reason I like this essay the most is because I actually beleive in the cause it's about.