Vaccinations: Anti, or Pro-Choice?

by Angie Daffer

Pick a side.

You can't exactly dive right into the debate before realizing the perks and downsides. In order to get you to pick the side you're most comfortable with, below will show some of the reasons why you should go for or against vaccinations.


  • Protects you and your children from getting life-threatening diseases
  • Prevents certain strains of illnesses from making such a big deal, sometimes for life.
  • Keeps certain epidemics from starting or spreading
  • Makes your immune system stronger to fight the virus.


  • Potentially harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde
  • Some vaccines' due dates are applied when the child appears to be too young
  • Vaccines can be lethal towards those who are allergic to the chemicals
  • Not proven to be safe

A Popular Opinion

Most people believe that it should be the parents' choice to vaccinate or not to vaccinate their children, however believe that vaccinations would most likely be a smarter and safer thing to do. A few reasons backing this idea up is because parents should not be forced to do things that they think may hurt their children. It may not be the best choice, but if their gut tells them that their child will only get hurt when vaccinated, that's their own decision.