Employability Skills and My goals

Created by: Jackson Garner

Skills you must possess to keep a successful job...

In order to be succesful in the workplace or to nail the interview on a big job oppurtinity you may want to posess the following skills:

-Good communication skills

-Ability to work well in a team enviroment

-Ability to plan

-Good time management

-and of course having professional qualification

These are the most common reasons that people lose their job...

If you wish to maintain a job these are some things to watch out for:


-Performance inconsistancy

-Inability to work as a team

-Misuse of companies resources

-Late or absent

Steps I plan on taking to achieve these goals...

5 ways to achieve these goals...

- I need to continue to develop good study habits.

- To continue practicing my lacrosse skills after school.

- Learn to think before i speak.

- Dont let people bother me.

I Plan on attending Ole Miss university

Career goals...

My current thoughts and goals career wise are to attend Ole Miss university and obtain a degree in finance. Some ways i plan on going about achieving these goals are...

- to get good enough grades to get in to Ole Miss.

- to convince my parents to pay for me to attend Ole Miss.

- talk to adults who are in finance to see what they have to say.

- get good grades in college to stay there.

- try to make business contacts at a young age.