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Week of Sept. 5, 2014

Classroom Cribs!

One of the things that stands out to me, as someone new to OSE, is how tuned in we are to the importance of learning spaces. As I've walked around the campus and visited classrooms, I have been struck by how creative and innovative you all are with regard to the learning environment. I have seen flexible seating, alternative lighting, classroom supplies and materials that are marked and easily assessable to students...you guys have truly designed learning spaces that encourage creativity, exploration, differentiation, and personal choice!

I bring this up because it reminds me of something that was started about a month ago by some members of my PLN (Professional Learning Network) on Twitter. In an educator chat I was participating in one night, we were talking about some of the different ways we are designing learning spaces, how our ideas have changed over time, and what kind of impact the physical learning environment has on the way our kids learn and the way we teach.

So many great ideas were shared during that chat, and eventually a hashtag was started which is dedicated to the topic of classroom learning spaces. If you want, you can check out what is being posted on that hashtag (and post your own ideas!) by visiting the Twitter link I will share below!

Following this chat, some more members of my PLN from different states had the great idea of starting up "Classroom Cribs", a website where educators can exchange ideas and share how they are designing their learning spaces. There is a Classroom Cribs Challenge posted, and currently over 3,000 educators from around the world have signed up to share their designs and learn from others. They are sharing through blogs, pictures, and video tours of their learning space. With the awesome ideas you guys have I know it would be a gift to others if you would share your own classroom cribs with them! I hope you will join the challenge, which runs until Sept. 14th!

Check out the following links for articles, blogs, Twitter Feed and videos showcasing ideas for amazing classroom cribs around the world!

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Below is a pretty neat Webinar on classroom design. When you click the link below, you will be asked to enter your name and email in order to watch the webinar. It's easy!

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Here is a neat website where you can find so many children's books, and listen to them read aloud! And not the unheard of books either, Patricia Polacco and Evelyn Coleman are there, among others! You can search by title and / or author. Pretty neat site for listening centers!

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